Wine Tours in France

France offers some of the best wines in the world and a wine tour through the country will ensure that you will taste great wines and see some of the most beautiful countryside in France. Here are a few tours through France that will be a great vacation for any wine connesouir.

1. Grand Crus Tour in Burgendy – Many of the villages that lie in the world famous Burgundian wine road evokes thoughts of gorgeous little villages and the world class wine they produce. This area, which is between the flat plain of the Saone to the southeast and woods to the northeast, lies on a narrow escarpment which is about 30 miles long. Here they grow the grapes of the Burgandy vinyards in the golden reddish soil which is on the slope. The tour is a great discovery of the wines in the region. The English speaking driver picks you up at your hotel in Dijon and takes you on a tour through this wine lover’s paradise. There are 9 domain winegrowers visits which include winetastings.

2. Basque Country and Landes – “Aquitaine: The other wine country” This wine tour of the Basque region takes you through the cobblestone villages in the Basque regions which is one of the more pictureque regions of the country. Along the tour you will stay in exclusine inns and taste some of the best food and drink from the Basque region.

3. Armagnac – Along this tour after a night in Paris a car will take you along the Armagnac vinyards to learn about the oldest French Brandy as well as Armagnac and Champaign. The afternoons are exclusively for exploting the regions with its castles and towns and at night you enjoy the local cuisine and of course, the wine.

4. Bordeaux – A wine afficianado must go to Bordeaux as as a sort of Mecca of wines. This tour is a total immersion in understanding the complex nature of Bordeaux wines. You go through the villages and local markets and to the famous chateaux: Margaux, Latour, and Mouton Rothchild. The local cellar master also gives some wine secrets. You can explore the region in the afternoon and further your knowledge of the local wines with the many cellars around the towns.

5. Bordeaux (the short program) this tour is a shorter version of the one mentioned above but you will still visit the most famous Bordeaux vinyards such as Medoc, Sauternes, Blaye, and Saint Emilion that you will visit on the extended tour. Visits and tastings are for the mornings and evenings and the afternoons are yours to explore the world famous wine region.

6. Bordeaux – Arcachon and the Landes – This exclusive 6 day private tour which includes 2 days in Paris and 4 in the Bordeaux wine region will have an english speaking escort throughout the interesting wine tour. This is nice as you can taste all the wine you want without having to drive. You will taste some of the best wines in the region from Medoc to Saint Emilion while seeing the gorgeous countryside such as the pilat sand dune and the Landes pine forrest. You also have a chance to take a boat ride on Arcachon’s bay. All this and the best wine in the world makes this a perfect tour for the wine conessouir.

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