The Top Four Inexpensive Breakfast Restaurants in West Hartford, Connecticut

Going out to eat breakfast at a restaurant should be a happy, or special occasion. You often get to eat foods that you normally not eat at home. Unfortunately, eating at restaurants can sometimes be quite expensive. For hungry people seeking the top inexpensive breakfast restaurants in West Hartforrd, Ct, here is a guide profiling four of the best. While there are several other breakfast restaurants in West Hartford, Ct, they cannot be classified as inexpensive. In fact, almost nothing in West Hartford, Ct is inexpensive. Having eaten at each of the establishments listed here, I can honestly state that the inexpensive breakfasts that they offer at each one, are well- cooked, delicious and are real bargains.

Such bargains do not go unnoticed however. At each of these West Hartford, Ct restaurants, expect to find other hungry diners intent on enjoying one of the best inexpensive breakfasts they have to offer. At the Quaker Diner, for example, so many people flock there for Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts, that there is usually a line out the door, with people waiting for seats.

With today’s ’round the clock’ work schedules, ‘breakfast’ could be at any time, night or day. At at least two of these West Hartford, Ct restaurants, you can enjoy breakfast at any hour. Whether it’s bacon and eggs, a vegetable omelet, pancakes dripping with butter and maple syrup, or French toast with fresh fruit and whipped cream, you’ll be sure to find it at the top inexpensive breakfast restaurants in West Hartford, Ct listed here.

A) AC Petersen’s..240 Park Road, West Hartford, Ct..(860)233-3651
A true restaurant institution in the West Hartford, Ct area, AC Petersen’s has been pleasing generations of local families with their wonderful food, like their tasty, inexpensive breakfasts, for well over fifty years. AC Petersen’s originally started as a dairy farm and branched into the commercial ice cream and milk business. From there, they opened this excellent family- friendly restaurant in West Hartford, Ct. Inexpensive breakfasts at AC Petersen’s feature expertly- cooked fried and scrambled eggs, various breakfast meats, hash brown potatoes, omelets, traditional and special pancakes, French toast, fresh fruit, donuts, muffins and pastries. This restaurant has legions of fans in the West Hartford, Ct area. Many people are ‘regulars’, who have come to appreciate the fine food, friendky staff members, great service and reasonable prices. For an inexpensive breakfast in West Hartford, Ct, this restaurant is highly recommended.

B) Dunkin’ Donuts..2536 Albany Ave, West Hartford, Ct..(860)232-8849
If you’re surprised to see Dunkin’ Donuts on a list of the top inexpensive breakfast restaurants in West Hartford, Ct, think about it. With most of their breakfast items costing less than two or three dollars, and many items costing less than $1.00, it would be hard to find a more inexpensive breakfast anywhere. Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee is recognized around the world, as being some of the best anywhere.They also offer lattes, latte light(R), iced coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies and Coolattas(R). Of course, their namesake, their fabulous donuts, are excellent, as well as a full selection of muffins, bagels, croissants and pastries. They also feature very good omelet sandwiches. One features bacon, eggs, hash browns and cheese on a croissant and another features sausage, eggs, vegetables and cheese on a bagel. Choices like these, make Dunkin’ Donuts at 2536 Albany Ave one of the top inexpensive breakfast restaurants in West Hartford, Ct.

C) Gold Roc Diner..65 Kane St, West Hartford, Ct..(860)236-9366
Although it doesn’t really look like a diner from the outside, the Gold Roc Diner certainly is the real thing. Located on the Southeast side of West Hartford, Ct and open 24 hours a day, this top- notch eatery serves up tasty, inexpensive breakfasts around the clock. Night or day, if you get an urge to partake of some fluffy scrambled eggs, perhaps with a grilled steak, or maybe some stuffed French toast with maple syrup and butter, the appetite can be satisfied 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the Gold Roc Diner. The staff at the Gold Roc Diner is very friendly and professional. All of the inexpensive breakfast items on the menu at this restaurant are very good. Their coffee is also very good and prices are definitley reasonable. By far, one of the best inexpensive breakfast restaurants in West Hartford, Ct.

D) Quaker Diner..319 Park Road, West Hartford, Ct..(860)232-5523 / 233-9171
The Quaker Diner is an antique railroad dining- car style diner situated on a little plot of land at the busy intersection of Park Road and South Quaker Lane. For over ninety years, the Quaker Diner has been providing inexpensive breakfasts to generations of West Hartford, Ct area residents. Although they also serve a very good lunch menu, it is the delicious, inexpensive breakfasts served here, that cause lines to form at the front door almost every Sunday morning, with people waiting patiently for either a counter seat, or a booth. Reading the Sunday newspaper while sipping a cup of hot coffee, is a pleasurable ritual practiced at the Quaker Diner regularly by many people.

At the Quaker Diner, eggs are cooked exactly to order. Bacon, ham and sausage is fresh and crispy. Omelets are huge, when accompanied by their excellent fried potatoes, you may not need to eat again, all day. Pancakes, both traditional and blueberry, are very popular at this West Hartford, Ct restaurant. Their wonderful cinnamon and vanilla- scented French toast though, is definitely the outstanding player on the inexpensive breakfast menu. Their coffee is great and service is excellent.

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