How to Make Homemade Gourmet Beverages for Parties

Throwing a party is a great way to reconnect socially with people in your lives. One way that you can spice up your party is to make your very own gourmet beverages. This article will provide instructions on how to make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic gourmet beverages for your party.

Ice Coffee with a Kick

What you will need:
1. Favorite blend of coffee
2. Coffee Maker
3. Filters
4. Water
5. Flavored Liquors
6. Ice Tray
7. Coffee Cups, chilled
8. Sugar or sugar substitute

1. Make a pot of coffee following the direction on the package.
2. Let it cool.
3. Fill each compartment in the ice tray with half coffee and half flavored liquor. The taste combinations will need to reflect your own tastes. You may want to experiment to see what flavors work best together.
4. Freeze overnight. (The coffee helps the alcohol ice to freeze.)
5. Freeze coffee mugs overnight.
6. Make another pot of coffee before your party begins and allow it to cool.
7. To serve pour cooled coffee in a mug and add a couple of flavored ices to the cup. Or make several different flavored ices and coffees and allow your guests to mix and match their favorite coffees and liquors. Have a variety of sweeteners available for guests to use.

Homemade Frozen Bellini

What you will need:
1. Champagne
2. Glasses
3. Peach Nectar or Passion Fruit Nectar
4. Grenadine
5. Container
6. Blender


This is a great recipe for a summer wedding or party. Pour the champagne, nectar, and grenadine into a container and freeze it overnight. Then, before serving, blend it smooth and pour it into a frosted glass. Garnish with slices of fresh fruit and mint. This recipe is commonly made with peach nectar, however, you can experiment with other fruit nectars. If nectar is not available you can blend a whole piece of fruit and strain it through a course strainer to remove seeds, but retain a thick texture. Tropical fruit and fleshy fruit work the best.

Gourmet Birthday Smoothies

What you will need:
1. Blender
2. Fresh or frozen fruit
3. Vanilla yogurt
4. Children’s cereal (Cap’n Crunch peanut butter flavor, or Fruity Rings)
5. Ice

This is a great recipe for children’s birthdays. For two servings of a single smoothie flavor combination use a cup of yogurt, a cup of fruit, and a half cup of cereal. You can add more or less fruit and cereal depending on your own taste. Add three broken ice cubes per serving for the best results, and blend well. As you blend the volume of the drink will increase so don’t overfill your blender.

Gourmet Slushy for Adults

What you will need:
1. Ice shaver or slushy maker or blender
2. Coconut Rum
3. Pineapple Juice
4. Sugar or sugar substitute
5. Container


This is a great drink to make for summer parties, or whenever you need a tropical pick me up. The proportions for this recipe will depend on how much you want to make. Generally the proportions should be one part rum to two parts pineapple juice. Depending on the sweetness of the juice and your own tastes you may want to water down and/or sweeten the mix. If the mixture is too sweet after you mix the juice and rum, just add a little water to mellow the flavor out a bit. If you want more sweetness add a tablespoon or two of sugar or sugar substitute. Once the mixture has been mixed you’ll need to pour it into a container (probably the one that came with the slushy maker) and allow it to freeze overnight. If you don’t have a slushy maker, freeze the mixture over night and blend it in a blender. It will produce a smoother texture than the slushy maker. If you have the slushy maker then you can follow the machine’s directions to churn out your gourmet desert drink.

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