Hot Indian Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Hot food is popular in Phoenix, Arizona. Inidan restaurants are a great source for spicy food where customers can control the heat! Check out these great local Phoenix Inidan restaurants and tell them to bring on the heat!

Royal Taj is fabulous local Phoenix source for great Indian food. They serve up traditional Indian cuisine with flare. The dishes at Royal Taj are prepared with the utmost attention to detail, so the quality is high. Overall this restaurant is one of the best sources for authentic quality Indian cuisine in Arizona. They offer the traditional tandoori dishes, curry, and samosas. You can also find the beloved Indian flat breads and traditional Indian desserts. Best of all Royal Taj offers many complete dinners on their menu that include dinner, dessert, and Indian coffee. This is a great deal for your money! Most people don’t leave room for dessert and skip the after dinner coffee, so this is great chance to indulge yourself! The staff is also excellent at Royal Taj. They understand the menu and can make great recommendations according to your tastes. Royal Taj is located at 1845 east Broadway Road, Suite 101, Tempe, Arizona, 85282, about five minutes outside of Phoenix. They can be reached at (480) 967-5234.

Taste of India is a fabulous and homey restaurant full of tasty authentic Indian dishes. Taste of India is one Indian restaurant that does not look like a well-kept cafeteria. We’ve all eaten in an Indian restaurant that seriously lacked in dÃ?©cor or was located in an old converted Hardees. Fortunately the food probably kept you coming back! Taste of India has decorated their dining room in festive colors befitting their Western location in Phoenix. Their menu offers lot of hot choices, literally. They are well known for bringing on the heat and not knowing when to stop! If you love to eat hot and spicy food, than Taste of India will be right of your alley. Just let your server know-how hot you want it! If you have time check out their lunch buffet. It is cheap cheap cheap and good good good. Less than $6 will get you all you can eat and a large selection. Taste of India is located at 1609 East bell Road, Suit B4, Phoenix, Arizona, 85022. They can be reached at (602) 788-3190.

Star of India is a locally own Indian restaurant making a mark in a world of Indian restaurants. They have a large Indian clientele, which immediately lets you know this is the place to go for r truly authentic Indian dishes. They serve up some unusual Indian dashes that you don’t often see at most Indian restaurants. Specifically they have chicken naan and keema naan. If you think you have been there and done that that you should definitely check out Star of India. The food is served up beautifully and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Star if India is truly a gem of an Indian restaurant. Star of India is located at 4025 East Chandler Boulevard, Suite 14, Phoenix, Arizona, 85048. They can be reached at (480) 706-1700.

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