The Food Processor Guide: The Uses for and Story of a Uniquely Modern Appliance

A food processor can take the struggle out of the prep work that goes into every homemade dish, from soup to dessert. With a food processor, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to prepare a meal from scratch. A food processor can make cooking all natural, healthy, produce-rich meals at home easier than it has ever been before.

What Does A Food Processor Do?
A food processor is like your own personal sous-chef who will take on all the grunt work of preparing a meal so that you can concentrate on the more interesting sides of cooking. You are much more likely to stay interested in making healthy dinners for your household when you can spend your time searching out exotic new recipes instead of chopping, grating, or engaging in other kitchen tasks that you can delegate to your food processor.

Where Did The Food Processor Come From?
The food processor is based on a classic French industrial blender used by professional French chefs. However, it took decades for this marvelous machine to make it’s way into the kitchen of the average household. The home food processor is a relatively recent invention that hit the market in the early seventies. Since then, consumers have discovered that using a food processor makes chopping, dicing, slicing, shredding, mashing, or pureeing any food as easy as pressing a button.

Are Attachments Worth The Money?
By adding attachments to your food processor, you can make the appliance work for you in a huge variety of ways. For example, with a dough blade, you can make homemade bread a regular part of your household meals. A dough blade takes the work out of mixing and kneading tough bread dough, so you can enjoy the hearty goodness of homemade bread without having to give your arms a strenuous workout along the way. If you have the interest in making bread on a regular basis, you will save a lot of money by cutting pre-baked loaves out of your food budget. This can make a dough attachment a smart financial choice.

In addition, when you make your own bread with a food processor instead of buying commercially made bread, you will gain something much more valuable than just a few extra dollars. When you bake, you’ll have control over your family’s health, as you can be sure that the ingredients are healthy and all natural, and you can avoid the msg and preservatives that are found in many store bought loaves. It’s hard to put a price on knowing your family is eating the most nutritious bread possible.

Why Would I Need A Food Processor?
Whether you want to make health conscious baking a snap, are looking for a way to streamline meal preparation, or just want the freedom to enjoy cooking without having to surrender to drudgery, a food processor can change the way you make food. If you are looking for a way to energize your kitchen so that you can prepare fast, nutritious meals, this may be the appliance you never knew you needed, or never thought you would use so often. A food processor can give your cooking habits a jump start that will help you pursue a healthy diet without spending hours in the kitchen.

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