Review of Concepts Electronix Hot Diggity Dogger

Hot dogs and summer are almost synonymous with each other. Like many other people, I’m not the hot dog’s number one fan, but I definitely enjoy one fresh off the barbeque grill. Finally, I have found a product that will give your hot dogs that fresh off the grill taste without ever lighting up the charcoal.

Concepts Electronix Hot Diggity Dogger is an electronic hot dog maker that works a great deal like a toaster. You put in two hot dogs vertically and two buns and in 10 minutes or so they pop up out of the machine. The hot dogs that emerge are done just right with two perfectly toasted buns as a nice accompaniment. The best part is the taste! These hot dogs do not taste microwaved or boiled. They really do taste like they just came from the grill to your plate!

The machine features a variable heat control so you can have your hot dogs cooked just the way you like them every time. Plus, the hot dogs are cooked vertically as opposed to horizontally like most grill machines so the oil and fat drains off the meat making it a healthier way to cook. Clean up of the Hot Diggity Dogger is a breeze, too. There is a removable basket that the hot dogs sit in as well as a removable grease tray that captures the hot dog drippings and bun crumbs. Give these two removable pieces a rinse and you’re ready for your next hot dog craving!

Kids especially enjoy this specialty appliance. Children love to cook (with parental supervision, of course) “by themselves.” This machine enables them to do that. I have seen kids as young as six years old use this appliance with ease and be absolutely delighted that they made lunch for the whole family. Just make sure that they are careful when these dogs pop out because they are definitely “hot” enough to burn large and small fingers!

The Concepts Hot Diggity Dogger retails for about $50 online, which can be a little pricey for those that aren’t big hot dog fans. However, if you have children, they will definitely get a big kick out of this product. I also have used it for barbeques too so that the hot dogs don’t take up our precious grilling space that is better used for steaks. Same great taste and no one knows the difference!

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