Where to Get Sweet, Sticky, and Frozen Treats in Kansas City

I am going to Kansas City, and it may take a wheelbarrow to roll me home. Kansas City can blow a healthful diet in less than twenty-four hours. One month before trips to my native Kansas City, Missouri, I make detailed eating plans. Eating locales are mapped between, or in conjunction, with visits to family and friends.

Through my extensive travels I have eaten in lots of restaurants and homes. Possibly, I am biased, but Kansas City has some good gosh darn food! My experiences in food have enriched my palate, but ultimately, there is no place like home. During a recent trip home I began to take stock of the places where I like to indulge. Here are three of my favorite spots for sticky, sweet, and frozen treats.

Topsy’s Popcorn
(various locations)

No one can miss the old-fashioned popcorn cart. Nor can the golden-haired toddler wearing a cornhusk, and eating popcorn, be ignored. If you have discovered these things you have discovered Topsy’s Popcorn. Topsy’s Popcorn Shop and ice-cream parlor is a throw-back to the days of dime store sodas. This long time Kansas City favorite has been around since 1949. Topsy’s serves a variety of sweet parlor treats. What keeps the locals hooked on Topsy’s can be summed in two words-cinnamon popcorn. Bags and bags of shiny, bright red-popcorn wallpaper the shop. It tastes like the popcorn was dipped in melted Red Hots candy. It is super-sweet, and leaves your tongue pleasantly tingling. Topsy’s also carries a variety of other flavors such as caramel, cheddar cheese, and butter. Popcorn is sold in tins, bags, and balls. This is also one of the few places that still serves bubblegum ice cream (my favorite!). Don’t forget the shakes, limeades, and other cold concoctions. With a few convenient locations around town Topsy’s is an easy find. If you cannot wait to check them out go to their website at www.topsyspopcorn.com.

Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard
6235 Brookside Plaza
Kansas City, MO

Foo, foo, fo Foo’s! This place makes me feel like singing. I skipped into Foo’s almost daily like so many other Kansas Citians. Foo’s, located in the quaint Brookside area, is a hidden gem in plain view. It is a small shop that sells frozen custard. The creamy, sweet delight is served plain on a cone, with toppings, or as a float. Foo’s also serves special desserts for man’s best friend. Man, woman, child, and dog can enjoy their treats inside, or outside on the patio furniture.

Foo’s white walls are lined with pictures of customers wearing infamous “Foo’s your daddy?” t-shirts. The Abercrombie and Fitchesque staff make the t-shirts a fashion statement. Now you may be wondering “What’s the difference between frozen custard and ice cream?” The difference is that egg yolks are used in frozen custard. Custard is creamier than ice cream, and is made as it is being served. It is also served at a warmer temperature than ice cream. Be sure to eat your Foo’s fast. It does not last long in the Kansas City heat! If you want more information about Foo’s their website is www.foosfabulousfrozencustard.com.

Russell Stover Candies
(various locations)

Many of us have had a box of Russell Stover Candies. Russell Stover has made chocolate candy since 1921. If you are a chocolate lover this is a must see on your trip to Kansas City. There is nothing fancy about the stores. Walk in as a die-hard chocolate lover, and walk out with 12 boxes of chocolates under $15 total. They carry the usual assortment of chocolate dipped candies you have to bite into to know the center. The stores are open seasonally from September through April. Each year a new specialty treat is featured for a limited time. America’s best tasting, sugar-free candies are made by Russell Stover along with lo carb chocolates, and WeightWatchers candies. Well, Russell Stover may not blow your diet to bits completely. The choice is yours. For store locations around Kansas City go to www.russellstover.com.

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