How to Get a Free Postal Scale

We make use of postal services every day as they play an important role in our daily lives. It is not only instrumental for mail delivery services but also plays a pivotal role in businesses as it takes important documents as well as some merchandise to various destinations.

In order to facilitate their customers, United States Postal Service offers special packages. Some of these include free shipping supplies including a free postal weighing scale. You can get one of these but you need to make sure that you go about it the right way.


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    Do you need it?

    The first question to answer is whether you need it or not. If you run a business that requires you ship letters and parcels on a regular basis, then you certainly will need the scale. Otherwise, the scale will just be an additional item lying around uselessly and just taking space which could have been utilised better.

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    Get an Account

    Once you know that you need to ship regularly and the supplies are important for you, get an account with the United States Postal Service. You will need to fill out some paper work and they may require some additional documents. Know what you will need to get the account with USPS and have everything ready when submitting the forms.

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    Get the Postal Supplies Free

    Once you have the account, you will get some free supplies including the postal scale. This may not be available with all accounts and you may need to pledge a minimum number of shipments in order to avail the facility. Make sure that you keep your end of the bargain as well.

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    There are some websites that are also offering these services as they have large corporate accounts and get special rates from the USPS. They offer you great prices on the shipments and the more number of shipments you have, the better the rates. You need to meet the committed number of shipments each month in order to enjoy the rates that you have received.

    Some of these also offer free supplies including the postal scale and also offer some other facilities. Once you get the account, you should get the scale along with it.

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