Product Review: Coke Blak

I was intrigued by the smoky black and brown bottle; tempting me with caffeine goodness and a surge of excitement from seeing the Coca-Cola logo, I recently purchased the Coke Blak. This purchase in particular was a spur-of-the-moment deal at my local grocery outlet, as the Coke Blak was only available in a classic six-pack of bottles. Featured on an attractive display, I became instantly attached to the packaging itself. This is a far cry from my usual purchasing decision process based on clear and logical thinking, but the bottle and colors just caught my attention and managed to ‘override’ my regular process.

After bringing this new addition by Coca-Cola home, I learned that this drink was a new coffee and Coca-Cola combination. What could be better than caffeine from a soda, than caffeine from coffee? Why, both of course!

Coke Blak has been launched in various markets to target the adult beverage consumer who also may be somewhat health-conscious. It is offered as a ‘mid-calorie’ beverage, and is a carbonated coffee blend. This little gem of a drink sits alongside today’s slew of energy drinks and caffeine-enhanced beverages of the growing market. Coke Blak even features a frothy pour, similar to an iced cappuccino but with the benefit of carbonation.

I was hesitant to try it at first, as the combination of Classic Coca-Cola with coffee didn’t seem too appealing. However, after realizing I would have to do something with this six-pack, I opted for a taste and decided on making Coke Blak floats with leftover Vanilla ice cream, if all else failed.

I was pleasantly surprised with the drink; Coke Blak has a balanced taste of sweet coffee and carbonation, and the ‘froth’ after the pour into my long beverage glass was definitely appealing. After a little online research, it turns out that coffee-flavored sodas fare well in Europe, Mexico, and Romania in particular; Pepsi Cappuccino has been a hit in Switzerland and as Coke Blak’s competitor in France early this year.

Coke Blak is a great addition to the current coffee-based beverages and overall soda market; I think it may fare well in some areas, but simply become ‘invisible’ in others. It does have a distinct coffee taste, so it may not be best for all non-coffee drinkers. However, it DOES make a terrific vanilla-Coke Blak float! Simply add one-two scoops of ice cream to Ã?¾ glass of Coke Blak, and you have a great dessert to sip and enjoy! You’ll definitely feel the buzz from a coffee-plus-Coca-Cola jolt with Coke Blak, so be forwarned of any after-5 p.m. consumption.

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