How to Cut Calories on Two Favorite Comfort Foods

Tasty food is hard to resist for more people. The problem often though is that taste does not necessarily mean that it will be healthy as well. Many times food that tastes well does so because of the ingredients that are put into it.

Our favourite comfort foods are generally filled with calories that are more than what we should be consuming. If you love lasagna or can’t have enough of that chocolate cake, you can overcome the amount of additional calories that they pack by making some simple yet healthy changes to your favourite comfort foods.


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    Cut the Fat

    Try and use minimum fats in the comfort foods. It is a good idea to use low fat cheese in your lasagna rather than cheddar cheese. This will significantly reduce the number of calories you will be consuming while you eat this delightful food.

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    Use Whole Grain Lasagna

    Researches now show that using refined products is bad for your health but in the short and the longer term. Instead of purchasing the fine lasagna, take the pain and go for whole grain lasagna. You may have to cook it a little differently and it may not taste completely the same but the change is worthwhile and one that offers a lot more healthy benefits.

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    Reduce Portion Size

    You need to reduce your portion size as well. Make sure that you use smaller plates the next time you are eating lasagna and leave your fork down when you are chewing. Chew well and only prepare another bite when the previous one has been properly eaten. You will eat less this way as well.

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    Use Dark Chocolate

    Instead of using milk chocolate which is rich in calories, opt for dark chocolate when you are making your next chocolate cake or when you are purchasing it. It works like a charm and you will get a more chocolate flavour this way as well.

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    Substitute Whole Eggs

    Instead of opting for whole eggs when you are baking the cake, go for egg whites instead. Eggs are good source of protein but when you are making cakes, there are many that will need to be used. It is best that you replace one whole egg with two egg whites. There will be no great difference in the taste and you will also be eating cake with fewer calories.

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