Ixtapa Mexican Cantina: Authenticity Found!

I made a trip recently to Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina located at 466 State Road in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. What a pleasant dining experience! Right from the start of our night we were made very comfortable and taken good care of. To start with, I’d like to mention that my two girlfriends and I decided to visit the restaurant around 8pm on a Saturday night. We fully expected to wait at least a half hour to be seated, as the parking lot was completely full. We were seated at a good sized booth right away and given waters, menus and a bowl of tortilla chips served with a small vile of tomato salsa. We also each had our own small dipping bowl (that sort of looked like an ash tray) to pour the salsa into. Of course, by the time our waiter came back to get our drink order, the chip basket was empty. He took down our order and the basket was promptly refilled.

The waiters at this restaurant were an absolute joy! They all seemed to be Mexican or at least of some Spanish decent, which really added to the ambiance and were very comfortable with the guests. Our waiter was speaking Spanish with us and was very helpful in explaining various dishes on the menu to my friends and I. He even had suggestions of dishes for me to try, because I don’t like certain spices. While we were waiting for our food, I observed other waiters talking and joking with the people at their tables. I heard them telling stories and jokes and they all seemed to be having a good time.

The restaurant has an extensive menu with something for any taste. Their lunch menu includes various salads, enchiladas served with rice, beans and sour cream, chimichangas, deep-fried until golden brown and served with the same as the enchiladas, quesadillas served with sour cream and guacamole, tacos, and burritos. They also have lunch combos for a great value. Served with rice, beans and sour cream you get your choice of one, two or three of the following: enchiladas, burrito, tostada, tamales, taco, chili rellano or chimichanga. For dinner they offer all of the above plus an appetizer menu, soups, seafood, steak, pork and chicken dishes. Also on the menu is your choice of marinated steak, chicken or prawns in a sizzling fajita, saut�©ed with fresh bell peppers and onions. Along with a small selection of burgers and sandwiches, all served with steak fries, they also have a vegetarian menu.

Their drink menu consists of various beers, wines, juices, soda, tea, coffee and iced tea. They also specialize in authentic Mexican margaritas. They offer tropical margaritas in blueberry, kiwi, raspberry, peach, strawberry, blackberry, and melon. All of these delicious flavors can also be made without alcohol upon request. Their specialty margaritas are hand shaken and served frozen or on the rocks and made with all the best tequilas including Cuervo Gold, Sauza Tres, Cuervo 1800, El Patron, Sauza Comemoritivo, Harra Dura, Sauza Hornitos, Don Julio and Cabo Wabo.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my visit to Ixtapa. I would recommend it to anyone looking to have a fun night out with family or friends. They are open Sunday through Thursday from 11am to 10pm and Friday and Saturday from 11am to 11pm and their lunch menu ends at 3pm. They also have everything on their menu available for take-out as well. The food is delicious, the portions are big and the prices are very reasonable. For my two friends and I to eat dinner (with the complimentary bottomless chip basket!) and have one of the famous margaritas, the total bill came to $64. Not a bad price for such an enjoyable evening out!

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