Free Vegetarian Recipes on the Internet

A Yahoo or Google search for vegetarian recipes will likely yield a lot of results, but very often, most of those sites will only have small sprinkling of vegetarian recipes available, or will want you to purchase a book or membership to gain access to a recipe resource. For a large source of free vegetarian recipes on the internet, you’ll want to visit these websites.

For a large database of delicious sounding recipes and much more, you’ll want to check out Living and Raw Foods at Living and Raw Foods boasts the largest collection of living and raw foods recipes available on the internet, and vegetarian or not, you’ll be sure to find more than a few here that you can enjoy. Spanning the complete spectrum of meals and snacks, you’ll find an impressive amount of free recipes in categories such as Appetizers, Entrees and Sides, Bread & Cereals, Smoothies, Soups and Salads, Cookies and Treats, and much more.

The Living and Raw Foods website is also a large information database, where you can find links to other vegetarian resources, information about living and raw foods, communities, a marketplace, books available for sale, and a large wealth of articles that you may find interesting.

The website All Recipes is a recipe database containing recipes of all sorts, but they have a large vegetarian section as well for easy perusal without having to weed through everything else. You can access the vegetarian recipes directly by going to There, you can browse through categories of free vegetarian recipes, including a Holiday category, or you can select the top ten recipes or the recipe of the day for a quick meal idea.

Another useful website for both recipes and resources is the Vegetarian Resource Group, located at The Vegetarian Resource Group contains a variety of unique vegetarian recipes in creative categories, such as Sauce Recipes for Children, Vegetarian Recipes from Egypt, Lentil Mania, and Potato Power. The website also features extensive information on vegetarian nutrition, and resources for families to learn more about living a vegetarian lifestyle. A large database of free guides and articles is also available.

Nava Atlas is the author of several cookbooks featuring vegetarian recipes, and you can find many of them for free on her website, In a Vegetarian Kitchen, found at You’ll also find a section for kid-friendly recipes, and vegetarian tips and resources, as well as a link to her books should you be interested in purchasing any.

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