The Best Italian Restaurants in Denver

You’ve always wanted to visit Denver, Colorado. Maybe you just want to say you’ve walked in a city that is a mile (5,280 feet) high. Maybe you were a John Denver fan, and you remember his song, Rocky Mountain High, about a place where he has seen rain and fire in the sky and just want to see the beautiful Colorado scenery. Perhaps you are a Denver Bronco fan, and you want to visit the city which watched Elway lead its Broncos to two Super Bowl championships. Regardless why you want to visit, you love Italian food, and you wonder if there are good Italian restaurants to choose from in Denver.

Don’t fear, there a number of fine Italian restaurants to choose from in Denver. As to which restaurants are the very best, it may depend on your personal preferences in food and prices and which website you read.

According to the website,, one of the best Italian restaurants in Denver is the Barolo Grill at 3030 East 6th Avenue. Area celebrities often visit the restaurant, which has an ala carte section that includes mushroom ragu, gnocchi, risotto, and a nightly tasting menu. There are a variety of seafood dishes and pastas.

The windows are large, and there is a cozy fireplace. Dressy attire is appropriate, and reservations are encouraged.

The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Major credit cards are accepted, and the price of an average main course is $30.

The website chose Maggiano’s Little Italy at 1500 15th street State 150 as the best Italian restaurant in Denver. The restaurant was also chosen by the readers of as the best in 2004.

The family size portions include such favorites as spaghetti and meatballs to manicotti with chicken and spinach, fried calamari, Parmesan garlic bread, and Tuscan-style mussels. If you have room to spare after eating the large meal, you can top off your dining experience with tiramisu and a cappuccino.

The portions are so large that if you want to save money, a half portion would probably be enough.

The red-checkered tablecloths and family size portions create a family atmosphere. While dining, you can always listen to a Frank Sinatra soundtrack. There are private dining rooms for large groups or receptions. If you don’t make a reservation for a group of five or more, there could be a long wait.

The family restaurant accepts major credit cards.

The hip crowd, romantic couples, and people who are just friends often go to Carmine’s on Penn at 92 Pennsylvania Avenue. In the neighborhood with houses and people out walking their dogs, the restaurant might look out of place, but the restaurant is so popular that reservations are a must.

The meals are all priced and served family-style. The portions serve four. The pasta Montana contains a huge portion of penne noodles with chicken, asparagus spears, a rich, creamy sauce, and sun dried tomatoes. The chicken Parmesan platter and spicy sausage with peppers are also popular. The Brian fettuccine has a generous portion of shrimp, pine nuts, and spinach. The tiramisu is a popular dessert.

Major credit cards are accepted. The restaurant is open 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

If you like pizza, you might try Carrabba’s Italian Grill at 7401 West 92nd Avenue in Westminster, a suburb of Denver.

The restaurant is known for its wood fired pizzas. A traditional southern Italian menu has steak Marsala, fire-roasted chicken breast with sun dried tomatoes, and pasta dishes, including fettuccine Alfredo. For those with wheat allergies, there is also a gluten-free menu, which includes antipasti, salads, and chicken and beef dishes.

There are booths for four and six people. The restaurant is decorated with pictures of founders Damian Mandola and Johnny Carrabba. Smaller parties can sit at the bar and watch the chefs prepare their meals.

In 2005 readers of chose Mici, at 1531 Stout Street as the best Italian restaurant in Denver.

The restaurant has a variety of pizzas, Paninis, antipasto, salads and soups. Some of the pastas include Alfredo, bow tie pasta with cream sauce for $7; marinara, penne pasta with tangy tomato sauce for $6; and Tortellini, alla Miceli, which consists of cheese tortellini, prosciutto and peas in a creamy Alfredo sauce. The Paninis include the Polpetto, which has meatballs, marinara sauce, and mozzarella for $6.50 and the Pollo Parmigiano, which has breaded chicken breast, marinara sauce, and mozzarella for $7.50. There are a variety of pizzas, including the traditional cheese, which is called the Formaggio, which has tomato sauce and mozzarella for $6 for a personal and $12 for a 16-inch and pepperoni, which is $6.50 for a personal and $13 for a 16-inch, to all types of pizzas with a variety of meats or just vegetables, such as the Mediterraneo, which has Olive oil, mozzarella, garlic, tomatoes, olives, fresh spinach, and artichoke hearts for $7.50 for a personal and $15 for a 16-inch.

There is prompt seating at the restaurant, and reservations are not required. It is a family-friendly restaurant, and many consider the atmosphere to be romantic. It is a good place for groups. Major credit cards are accepted, and there are also a variety of desserts at the restaurant.

There are too many fine Italian restaurants to list all of the ones on major websites, but some of the other of the best are listed here: Bruno’s Italian Bistro at 2223 South Monaco Parkway, known for its ziti and garlic cheese bread; CafÃ?© Jordano, at 11068 West Jewell Avenue, Lakewood, a suburb of Denver, which is known for its savory pastas, crusty mozzarella bread, seafood, buffalo dishes, and chicken breast topped with white wine cream sauce; Garbiel’s, at 5450 North Highway 67, Sedalia, a suburb of Denver, known for its cozy fireplace, upscale atmosphere, and savory pastas; and Pagliacci’s, at 1440 West 33rd Avenue, known for a variety of foods, including minestrone soup, spaghetti, ravioli, and lasagna.

This article has only touched the surface of providing a listing of the many fine Italian restaurants in Denver. An Internet search or asking someone you know who lives in Denver would find more results. Regardless, if you travel to Denver and happen to be an Italian food fan, you will be able to find food you love at a variety of prices-from the moderate to the more costly.

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