How to Cook on a Lynx Grill

Lynx grill is known as one of the best gas barbecue grills available for outdoor cooking needs. The stainless steel grills, added with brass burners make it perfect for you to cook your food. The Lynx grills are commonly used by people all over the world, as they are really easy to operate, and one can cook their food in no time using the grills. So, if you have recently purchased a Lynx grill and you do not have any idea about operating it, then you do not need to worry, as this article will help you in cooking your food using Lynx grill.


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    In order to light your Lynx grill, you will have to open the barbecue hood, and turn the burner knob to the “Light” position. You may have to hold the knob for around 5 seconds, to light the burner completely.

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    You will have to set all the burners’ knobs to “high” position, if you want to preheat the grill. Once you set the knobs, close the grill’s lid. Now wait for at least 10 minutes, or until you check the temperature at the hood of the grill pointing to around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Right after the temperature reaches the stated point, you can cook your food.

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    Now you need to decide which burners you will need to cook your food. Once you have decided, keep them turned on and turn off the other ones. You can then place the food over the grill and start cooking.

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    If you want to cook poultry, steaks and heavier meats quickly, then you can use Pro-Sear Burner, as it lights up quickly, and you can also control the temperature of the grill easily.

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    You can also use the smoke tray, which you can find at the side of the grill. You just need to soak some chips and place them on the tray. Once you start cooking your food, the smoke taste will automatically be added to your food. In the meantime, you can smoke your food according to your taste preferences. More chips in the tray will add more smoky taste to your food and vice versa.

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    Once you are done with your cooking, take a damp cloth and clean the grills.

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