Essential Turkey Carving Tools for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up and with that there is always the age old question of which carving tools are the best? While there are certainly a ton of options out there to choose from when carving your turkey, from all inclusive to individual carving tools, there are some guidelines you should follow. I’m going to share with you my favorite carving tools as well as tips and tricks for carving a turkey.

Essential Items for Carving a Turkey

American Angler Electric Fillet Knife– This is a fillet knife typically used for cleaning fish, but I am here to tell you that it is an excellent addition and a must have for turkey carving. My family has been using a similar American Angler for over twenty years as a turkey carving knife and it still works as perfect as the day it was bought. Sure, you could buy an all intrusive kit for carving, but buying tools individually is the best way to go.

Victorinox 12 inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife– If your hands are bothered by the vibration of the electric knife like mine tend to be or you just want to save electricity this is the best turkey carving knife out there. Typically you will see caving knifes that are just not long enough to make nice long precise cuts, but you will never have a problem as this knife goes beyond the size of about any turkey.

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Turkey Lifter– Safety is always a prime concern when handling a turkey that has just been cooked and that’s why it’s important to have lifting forks at your disposal. These forks allow you to easily lift your turkey from the pan and place it on a carving surface. You can then use the same forks to serve pieces of your carved turkey to your friends and family on Thanksgiving.

Serving platter– One last piece to this guide that you should consider when shopping for Thanksgiving tools is a serving platter. While most serving platters will do just fine, I suggest purchasing one similar to this platter as it is indented for depth which allows it to hold more turkey pieces and large enough to hold the majority of a large turkey.

Thanksgiving carving/safety tips

-Allow your turkey to cool at least thirty to forty-five minutes before carving

-When cutting, go at an angle as this makes it easier to cut

-Cut away from the bones

-If cooking in the oven, place your turkey inside a paper bag to keep it moist

-Check to make sure that the meat closest to the bone is white, pink means it’s not cooked

-When frying your turkey, make sure that the oil reaches the right temperature and is maintained

-Fry on concrete or dirt, grass can catch fire very easily from hot oil

-Wear gloves at all times when handling your turkey

-Check to make sure all meat is free of pink color

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