Top Three Chicago Bars for After Work Cocktails

Happy hour in Chicago is a world unto its own. It seems that almost everyone in Chicago loves to go out for a little socializing and cocktail or two after work. While the city is full of great bars, there is literally at least one on every corner; I have managed to visit a few that are easily my favorites. Here is my top pick of happy hour bars in Chicago. They are varied, so you’ll find that some are perfect to impress the boss or even a casual hangout with friends.

Black Beetle Bar & Grill is located in the Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago. The neighborhood is laid back and so is the bar. They brew their own stout beer, which is very popular. The beer list doesn’t stop there though. Stella Artois, Paulaner, and Summit Weiss are all big favorites here. This bar is super causal and somewhat sort of hip. They have these tables that are each completed in a Beetles theme. Very cool. The crowd is a mix of those in their late twenties to some forty something’s. Jeans are more than appropriate, so if you are stuck wearing a suit to work try to change before you drop by. The food at this bar is also fabulous, so if you get hungry before you head home you have to try something. They serve up everything from traditional bar food like burgers to a surprising selection of hummus and spinach inspired creations. My absolute favorite is the brownie. I am a sugar addict and can’t get over the Black Beetle’s warm and chocolate brownie. They top it off with some ice cream and it is perfect. The Black Beetle Bar and Grill is located at 2532 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60622.

The Capitol Grille is a very formal bar that is the perfect spot for happy hour with the boss or even some potential business partners visiting you in Chicago. They are located in the posh Steeleville neighborhood of downtown Chicago. The atmosphere is very reserved and somewhat stoic. They serve up mean dry aged steaks, Beluga caviar, and cr�¨me brulee for dessert. As you can probably figure they have an extensive red wine and scotch list. You have to keep the regulars happy. This bar is located only a few steps off of Michigan Avenue and gets a mix of curious tourists as well. It is a great place to people watch. The Capitol Grille is located at 633 North Saint Claire Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60611. They can be reached at (312) 337-9400.

For somewhere in between the casual air at the Black Beetle and the quiet reserve at the Capitol Grille you should check out Poag Mahone’s. Clearly this is an Irish Pub. Really though it looks like something between an Irish pub and a hectic office. The inside is a dark wood bar. Dark red leather stools provide most of the color. People pack in here like there is no tomorrow and it is not for the dÃ?©cor. Everyone is dressed in business attire and the crowd is definitely more male than female. There are a few ladies holding their own. If you don’t want to stand out from the crowd than stick with a conservative look. Although the air could seem stuffy here it really isn’t. Patrons are friendly as well as their staff. After a long day at work everyone just wants to relax, have a few laughs, and down a cocktail or two. Guinness and Harp are on draft as would be befitting any Irish Bar. Poag Mahone’s also has a great bar menu full of good eats. One thing to note about Poag Mahone’s is that they are open only Monday through Friday. They open up at 10:30 in the morning and close at 9pm. They are really there to service the business types in their area. Poag Mahone’s is located at 17 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois, 60604. They can be reached at (312) 566-9100.

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