How to Make a Pedestal Dessert Plate

Whenever you serve a dessert in front of your guests, it is really important that you display it in a right way, in order to make it more appealing and striking. If you serve it on a pedestal dessert plate, the dessert will speak for itself and your guests will certainly be impressed with your serving style.

The pedestal dessert plate can also be used as a beautiful centrepiece. Therefore, you should definitely consider having one. The problem is that these plates can be really expensive. To counter that you can always make them at home; it only requires candle holders and plates.


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    Take a candle holderĀ and a plate, which you will use to create your own pedestal dessert platter. The style and material of the plate and candle holder does not matter. It only depends on your preference; what type of items you want to use.

    You should be very careful when choosing the size of the candle holder, according to the size of the plate and the weight of the dessert that you would like to serve on the platter.

    If the candle holder is too small, compared to the size of the plate and does not have the ability to hold a heavy dessert, then it may break or can get unbalanced when a heavy dessert will be placed on the platter.

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    Apply a layer of hot glue on the surface of the candle holder and then fix plate over it. Make sure that the plate is centred and the right side is facing up. Push the plate downwards, in order to get it placed well. Try to place something over it, which will apply some weight, while the glue gets dry. It will allow the plate to stick well with the candle holder.

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    You can now place the dessert on top of the pedestal dessert plate and serve it in front of your guests. You can also place a colourful sheet on top of the plate before you place the dessert over it.

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