Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips

The last thing anyone wants on Thanksgiving is a trip to the emergency room. Here are some safety tips that have been used in the kitchen since I can remember. These tips can help make the holiday much more enjoyable.


A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen. During cooking and preparing foods, try to keep countertops clean and wiped down with an antibacterial based cleaner. Clean countertops will help in preventing the germs.

Follow Cooking Directions

Cooking instructions should be followed especially when dealing with meat products. Undercook meat can make guests ill.

Pot Holders & Oven Mitts

Use oven mitts or potholders to avoid burns when taking items out of the oven or transferring dishes to the table. The sides of the dish may appear to be cooled yet the bottoms of the dishes can still be hot and cause burns.

Keep Stove Free of Fire Hazards

Oven mitts, potholders, or kitchen towels need to be kept away from the burners in order to avoid fires.

Saucepan Safety

Handles should be turned inward so that children cannot grab the pans which can cause scalding and other injuries.

Children & Pets

The holidays bring extra children and pets to the house. Children and pets need to be kept out of the cooking area. Tripping over the pets or side stepping children may cause a person to trip or spill a hot dish.

Watch Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils that are near a heat source may become hot and cause burns. Try to avoid putting utensils on the stove top.


The microwave is a helpful resource when cooking large meals or warming up dishes. Use oven mitts when removing items from the microwave they be extremely hot. Keep utensils out of the microwave. Metal utensils may cause sparks or even fires

Clean Up Spills

The floor should be kept clear and as clean as possible during the meal preparation. Flour or other baking ingredients may be slippery on the floor. No one wants to fall during the meal preparation.


There should always be someone watching over the meal preparation. Distractions can cause dishes to bun or even a fire when left unattended. When the item is done cooking remember to turn off burners and the oven as well.

Thanksgiving can be chaotic but that is half the fun. Kitchen safety can help keep the day running smooth.

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