How to Cook a Great Steak Dinner

A choice for fine dining, a small yet elegant dinner. the beginning starts with the top choice USDA prime sirloin meat, from there the steaks marinade for a slow two hours with Italian dressing, teriyaki sauce and a distinct Greek seasoning. next the top choice meat is fire grilled using old-fashioned charcoal. The finale is topped with a beautiful contrast of ripe right from the vine tomatoes and thinly sliced cucumbers, both topped with an assortment of old bay seasoning and lightly charred before placing them atop the meat letting the juices soak down their flavor. Quite simple in design but it is truly the beauty of simplicity that keeps the beast tasting good. Preferred choice of drink to accompany the entree, a 12 ounce glass of cooler chilled milk.


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    needed-as many steaks as they are people, see who wants the smaller and larger pieces, I prefer top-choice sirloin for the tastiest meats look for fat striations in the bulk of the cut. Thin white lines are what you want. trim any excess fat you do not want. mix any teriyaki sauce of your desire I prefer very very teriyaki it can be found in most stores but it might take a little effort too track it down. I use a lot more uncommon spices for a unique taste and flavor. next mx in the cheapest or most expensive Italian dressing, I have found very little difference between the two. and before throwing the meat in a flat bottomed container that allows the meat to be immersed in the sauce. sprinkle to your desire Greek seasoning and work it into the cut of meat. later on to speed up cook times we can cut slices into the meat to pour more teriyaki sauce in order to keep it juicy set aside for 2hours and fire up the charcoal grill it's ok to use less charcoal or wait longer to have a more even and desired temperature. you want the meat to slowly cook, white coals are ideal but not too many so that the heat is too extreme. I usually light the coals about 20-30 minutes prior to cooking the meat. let those coals even out. slowly cook the meat making sure not to forget to check on it and make sure it's ok, show some respect to the food you are going to consume. when roughly five minutes prior to the time of the meat being cooked to your taste, throw in the tomatoes and cucumbers, along with any other vegetables that might flavor the meat a little more, set those vegetables on top the meat slowly turning the meat and placing the vegetables back on top warmed and only slightly charred. take off the grill, clean some some stuff up around your workplace or light those candles, to allow time to cool only slightly, sit down with any desired sides such as potatoes, fruit, or even more intriguing, your closest companions. arrange how you see fit.

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