The Best Summer Beers and Ales

Beer companies like to advertise extensively, especially during the summer, with broad claims that only their beer will turn your evening or gathering of friends from bland to grand.

Amidst all the advertising, all the promotions, all the in-store specials, it is sometimes too easy to just simply select a beer whose name has been tumbling about your head. But with the advent of other domestic, smaller-sized companies producing their own beers, and a bevy of imported beers gaining a foothold in bars, supermarkets, and beverage centers, you may want to reconsider your usual beer purchase, and maybe make a selection that is not only specifically geared toward summer, but also exceptional taste and unique flavor.

Seasonal beers and ales are highly anticipated by avid fans of beer and regular consumers alike. There are a number of summer ales all with distinctive properties that seem utterly perfect for a hot summer day or a cool summer night.

One such beer is produced by San Francisco based Anchor Brewing Co., aptly named Anchor Summer. Anchor Summer is a clean, all malt beer, with much of the malt produced from malted wheat, which imparts a light, refreshing flavor. The delicate head and dry, crisp beer, with hints of citrus, is ideal for the warm season.

Another wonderfully flavored, smooth-tasting beer comes from Coors Brewing Co. Blue Moon White is a Belgian-styled ale, refreshingly light and deliciously spiced with orange flavor and coriander, a truly unique taste. This satisfying beer expertly captures the essence of summer in a bottle, and it is common to drink Blue Moon White garnished with an orange slice. Blue Moon White is an unfiltered wheat ale, with a full body and enticing aroma.

Arriving from Belgium is Arabier, from De Dolle Brouwers. Arabier is known as the “Summer Excitement”, and truly, this pale, Belgian ale is something to be excited about. A rich and fruity ale, more akin to the flavors of wine rather than beer, Arabier has a spicy tang, with pleasant aromas and a rich, creamy body, redolent with wonderful flavor.

Back in the USA, we are blessed with a German-inspired beer called Goose Island Summer Ale. Like a golden elixir, Goose Island Summer Ale is remarkably clean and highly refreshing. Subtle aromas of fruit lend this fine malt beer the distinction of being a fantastic summer beer. Made with the finest malt and hops, Goose Island Summer Ale makes a wonderful thirst-quencher on a hot summer night.

Samuel Adams is a name any beer drinker is familiar with, and the company is known for its large selection of seasonal beers, each with their own unique, intriguing flavors. For the summer, Samuel Adams offers up two fine selections: Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat and Samuel Adams Summer Ale.

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat is a welcome blend of tangy citrus and summery wheat, with the subtle domination of cherries. The refreshing combination of flavors serves not only to quench your thirst, and will likely become a summer favorite.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale also a wheat ale, with wonderful flavors of tangy lemony zest, and peppery spices, which enhance the flavorful experience of this summer ale. Imparting thoughts of the tropics as you drink, Samuel Adams Summer Ale is a fantastic beverage of choice for summer parties of for yourself on a relaxing, peaceful summer night.

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