10 Adverse Effects of Eating Unhygienic Food

Dining out, take aways, frozen and processed food options have introduced a lot of uncertainty into our diet. People are no longer sure of how their food is prepared. While cooking themselves, they try to ensure the use of highest quality ingredients and cook in a hygienic manner. However, the same guarantee cannot be provided when while eating outside.

Unhygienic food can prove severely detrimental for health and trigger several symptoms that leave the body exhausted and totally wrecked. The top ten adverse effects of unhygienic food are discussed below.

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  • 1

    Blood pressure:

    Unhygienic food that contains untreated salts can lead to irregularities in your blood pressure level. Such foods also use low quality cooking oil which is very harmful for your heart and arteries.

  • 2

    Food poisoning:

    Food poisoning is one of the common reactions of the body to contaminated and stale food. The symptoms include vomiting, loose motion, stomach aches, fever among many others.

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    The oils in unhygienic food is loaded with acid content. Excess acidity in the stomach can cause gut problems like ulcer. There is a burning sensation which makes eating and digestion very difficult.

  • 4

    Stomach problems:

    Unhygienic food can cause stomach ache, constipation, loose motion and burning sensation depending on the type of contaminant.

  • 5

    Body odor:

    Eating unhygienic food can cause the body to smell horribly bad because of the excretion of contaminents with sweat.

  • 6


    With unhygienic food, the body is exposed to several types of allergens. Since there is no surety of the ingredients used in the food, any particular allergens cannot be avoided.

  • 7

    Acne and other skin problems:

    Irritants in contaminated food have a direct effect on the skin, especially on the face. Acne is one of the most common skin problems and is caused by excessive intake of oil and artificial colouring.

  • 8


    Unhygienic food eaten out on the streets can contribute to increase in weight. The ingredients are not chosen sensibly and are high on sugars, bad fats and salts. These all lead to obesity which is a big health problem in itself.
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  • 9


    Hyperlipidemia is a state of high fat (lipid) levels in the body which make a person lethargic, heavy, and prone to heart diseases. Most unhygienic foods contain substandard quality oil which can cause hyperlipidemia.

  • 10


    Unhygienic food can be rich in carbohydrates and sugars, lacking essential nutrients, which can trigger diabetes, which is the state of excess sugar levels in your body.

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