The Top Three Pizza Restaurants in West Hartford, Connecticut

With over twenty pizza restaurants located in the town of West Hartford, Ct, choosing which one to order a pizza from, can sometimes be a difficult decision. In an effort to assist the hungry consumer who may be seeking just the right pizza place in West Hartford, here is a guide profiling the three top pizza restaurants in West Hartford, Ct.

While virtually any review is essentially subjective, this guide is being presented as a totally unbiased review. In determining the three top pizza restaurants in West Hartford, Ct, many factors are in place. Of course, first and foremost, is the pizza: How is the taste ? How does the crust rate ? Is the sauce sweet and tasty, or almost flavorless ? Is the cheese all real mozzarella, or a combination of cheeses ? Is the pizza usually cooked correctly ? How is the presentation ? What about take- out pizza ? Are their phone- in orders ready ‘to- go’ on time ? Is the food appropriately hot or cold ? Is the order packaged properly ? If the pizza restaurant delivers, do they deliver on time ? Do they deliver the correct food ? Is the food appropriately hot or cold ? Does the driver provide the correct change ?

As important as the pizza itself is, other menu items also figure prominently. How is their selection of grinders, or subs ? How big are their subs ? Do the ingredients always taste fresh ? Do they feature calzones and / or garlic bread on their menu ? How are their salads ? What about Italian, or Greek dinners ? Do they offer pasta, lasagna or parmigiana dinners ?

Other factors to be considered when determining the three top pizza restaurants in West Hartford, Ct are service and price. How is the service at a pizza restaurant ? Is the staff friendly and helpful ? Is the restaurant clean and sanitary ? For many people, the prices at a pizza restaurant, are a large determining factor in where they decide to eat. How are the prices at a pizza restaurant ? Is the meal worth the price they charge ?

The three West Hartford, Ct pizza restaurants listed here all offer excellent food, very good service and reasonable prices. When all factors are considered, these are the three top pizza restaurants in West Hartford, Ct.

A)Dino’s Pizzeria..439 New Park Ave, West Hartford, Ct..(860)236-4300
In this reviewer’s opinion, when all things are considered, Dino’s Pizzeria is the BEST pizza restaurant in West Hartford, Ct. A small, family- owned and operated restaurant, Dino’s is a friendly, comfortable place to eat. They offer booth seating, with clean tables and a not-too-loud television set in the corner, tuned to CNN. The pizza at Dino’s is absolutely delicious. They offer seventeen varieties of pies. Amazingly, Dino’s pizza tastes even better, if that’s possible, when leftovers brought home in a styrofoam container, are re- heated the next day. All of their pizza- topping ingredients are fresh and tasty. They offer Gourmet Pizzas such as Veggie, Hawaiian and Mediterranean, as well as sheet pan pizzas and pizza by the slice.

At Dino’s Pizzeria, they feature twenty varieties of grinders, or subs, available in half or whole sizes. Whether hot or cold, all of the subs at this West Hartford, Ct pizza restaurant are packed with delicious ingredients. They also feature calzones, fried chicken, pasta and salads. Italian specialties such as exquisite eggplant and chicken parmigiana, baked manicotti, ravioli and lasagna are also available. Side orders of french fries, onion rings and garlic bread are all big and tasty. Their delicious garlic bread is also available topped with melted mozzarella cheese. On weekdays, from 11:00 am to 3 pm, they offer grilled hamburgers, cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches. A large selection of ice- cold soda, water and juices is featured. The staff at Dino’s is friendly and gracious. It is always a delicious pleasure to eat at Dino’s Pizzeria. Their prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended.

B) Park Lane Pizza.. 337 Park Road, West Hartford, Ct..(860)233-4429
Since 1972, Park Lane Pizza has been providing excellent pizza, subs, salads and calzones to hungry consumers in the West Hartford, Ct area. They offer three sizes of pizzas, small, medium and large. Their large pizza however, is larger than most other pizza restaurants in the area. With twenty varieties of pizza, including special pies like Greek, Hawaiian and Vegetarian, there’s a pie for everyone’s tastes. The grinders, or subs served at Park Lane Pizza are stuffed with top- quality meats, vegetables and cheeses. Calzones and garlic bread are great. Salads, including Greek, chef, tuna and tossed are large and fresh. All of their dinner entrÃ?©es are fantastic. Their marinara sauce is so good, it can be eaten plain. Pasta dinners, lasagna, parmigiana dinners and meatballs and sausage with peppers are top- rate. Beer and wine are served. Service is great and prices are moderate.

C) Pizza West..12 Raymond Road, West Hartford, Ct..(860)236-5668
This small pizza restaurant located on the outskirts of West Hartford center, next to Blue Back Square, serves up some of the pizza in West Hartford. A no- frills eatery with a standard pizza- house menu, Pizza West offers very tasty Greek- style pizza. They feature over a dozen varieties of delicious pies, including several ‘specials’. Grinders, or subs, are a specialty at Pizza West. Hungry diners flock regularly to this West Hartford pizza restaurant, to enjoy their delicious sandwiches. Pasta dinners, fresh salads and garlic bread are all very good and are served in good- sized portions. Service is friendly and efficient. The prices here are very reasonable. Definitely one of the top three pizza restaurants in West Hartford, Ct.

Hopefully, this guide will serve to aid the consumer seeking the three top pizza restaurants in West Hartford, Connecticut.

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