How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner for Vegetarian Guests

Thanksgiving dinners traditionally include a large stuffed turkey, honey ham and many other animal products. In light of this, making a Thanksgiving dinner for vegetarian guests may seem a little tricky.

However, there are several alternatives, and there is no need to get upset as you can cook a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner which will be all vegetarian, but just as delicious as a normal Thanksgiving dinner. Keep in mind that vegetarians do not eat meat, while the stricter ones do not consume any animal products at all, including eggs and diary; many do not eat honey as it comes from bees. In this case, you are required to replace turkey with vegetable proteins or tofu, and also replace milk or egg with other substitutes.


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    Make a garden salad

    In order to make a garden salad, you need to make a standard green salad. Then, add mangos, figs and an olive oil vinaigrette. It is advisable that you search on the internet for other unique additions, and serve your vegetarian guests an unforgettable salad.

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    Swap potatoes with sweet potatoes

    You can swap standard potatoes with sweet potatoes. Boil them after adding apple juice and cinnamon. You can then bake them to keep them healthy, and serve them hot.

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    Choose the right main course

    As the turkey will be absent from the main meal, you need to choose wisely when it comes to deciding which dish you will be serving for the main course. You can make a vegetarian lasagna, which is made up of non-dairy products. You can also consider serving homemade vegetarian shepherd's pies.

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    Make traditional Thanksgiving side dishes

    Many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes are meat-free, and you can easily make these and serve them to your vegetarian guests. You can make stuffing without a turkey, with apples and walnuts, in addition to making cornbread and Cranberry sauce, all of which are traditional Thanksgiving side dishes.

  • 5

    Make non-dairy desserts

    Non-dairy desserts are perfect for vegans. You can make apple, pecan or pumpkin pie. Pecan pie should be made with a graham cracker crust. This will be the perfect ending for your vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner.

  • 6

    Keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive

    Even if the turkey is missing from the main course, you need to keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive. You need to let everyone talk about all the things which they are grateful of. You can even choose music which goes with the theme, and play this as background music. You can play jazz or classical music while having dinner.

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