How to Make Tea Pakistaini Style

Tea is made everywhere in America basically the same way. First you boil the water then you stick a tea bag in. Some people have there tea with milk, cream, or honey. If you love tea and are looking for a real treat you should try having some tea Pakistani style. These are instructions from one cup of Pakistani style tea made in the microwave.

The first step Is to gather your ingredients. You will need a microwavable cup, water, milk, two plain Lipton tea bags, and sugar. Of course you need a microwave to make the tea in.

Next you fill the cup 3/4 of the way full with water. Put the two Lipton tea bags into the cup then insert it into the microwave. Set the microwave for two minutes on high. Do not leave the room. Watch the tea, when it starts to boil up stop the microwave. The tea must boil up at this stage or the tea will not taste right. But be careful because you don’t want to spill it!

Remove the tea from the microwave. Now you must put the milk in the cup. Your cup should be about 3/4 filled with water already. Put enough milk to fill the cup with out spilling it. Now remember that the less milk you add, the more strong the tea, so if you like it strong put a little less.

Re-insert the tea back into the microwave. Set the microwave for 2 minutes on high. Now this part is really critical, you must watch the tea very closely. It is very easy to not pay attention and the whole thing boils over. At about 1 minute or so it should start to boil up. Stop the microwave. Wait a few seconds then start the microwave again. The tea is going to boil up really fast this time, within a few seconds. Again stop the microwave. Now your Pakistani style tea is nearly done. Remove it from the microwave. Put one to two spoon fulls of sugar, depending on how sweet you would like you tea and stir.

That’s it your done! It takes a few trys but soon you’ll be making your Pakistani style tea in no time.

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