Bind-It-All by Zutter for Scrapbookers

An avid scrapbooker and paper artist, I enjoy creating my own albums as much as I do the layouts that fill them. The first time I came across a machine that would punch holes into cardstock allowing me to bind my own albums, I was sold before I had a chance to even consider if the machine would hold up. It was a Zision Punch-n-Bind from Provo Craft, and sadly, it did not last as long as the product itself did on the store shelves, being pulled for various issues. I loved what the Punch-n-Bind could potentially do, but wanted a machine that would hold up longer than just punching holes for an album or two then jamming and becoming nothing more than some pretty pink and green plastic adorning a shelf in my scrap area. The Bind-It-All by Zutter is the answer to my request.

With a small footprint, the Bind-It-All by Zutter is portable and easy to take with you to crops and other events, especially when compared to other binding machines you might find in an office setting for example. Add to that the facts that it is built to last, it is easy to use, and with a built in center guide, it even allows you to punch evenly spaced holes in projects much wider than the machine itself. The Bind-It-All might be small, but its potential for uses is HUGE!

The Bind-It-All by Zutter is perfect for scrapbook enthusiasts, crafters looking for a way to make a variety of projects from calendars to totes, or even for making those school projects easier to assemble! Just imagine, no more lining up a three-hole punch by eye, hoping that the stack of paper will come together in some fashion equaling even!

The Bind-It-All by Zutter is also sturdy enough to hold up for fundraising projects, such as multiple copies of a cookbook. Members of an organization wanting to put together a book to be sold for profit to help fund a secondary venture is a good illustration of how the Bind-It-All by Zutter can help not only individuals, but groups too. With the Bind-It-All, your organization can make and assemble the task at hand, keeping all of the profits in the organizations pockets without having to pay a third party for binding or assembly!

If you have been in search of a binding machine to use at home, in the classroom, or to help your group or organization put together your next fundraiser that calls for binding, the Bind-It-All by Zutter is the perfect little machine you have been in search of!

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