Bissell Perfect Sweep Not as Good as Expected

Because we don’t have a front porch or kitchen door, our living room rug is usually covered in dirt and leaves from the outside. And, because we got tired of having to grab our vacuum cleaner, plug it in and then rewind the cord when we were done, we decided to purchase the Bissell Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper (Model #2680B).

The things that attracted us to the Bissell Perfect Sweep were the fact there wasn’t a cord to plug in and, as the box described, there were two brushes that spun in opposite directions to pick up dirt when you pushed it forward or pushed it backwards.

Since buying it, it has spent more time standing in the corner than actually getting used.

Let me start by saying the Perfect Sweep does a decent job with small messes. If my daughter spills cereal on the floor, for example, I can use the Perfect Sweep to pick it up. And, it even picks up the leaves and dirt by my front door.

It does a decent job. It doesn’t do a good job though.

While I don’t expect a sweeper like that to pick up items as well as a vacuum cleaner. I do expect it to pick the mess up a little quicker than the Perfect Sweep does. I have had times where I’ve run over the same leaf three or four times and still had it on the floor.

It also seems to have a problem with powdery spills like flour or sand and tends to push it into the carpeting rather than pick it up.

I’m not a very patient person and, when that happens, I realize I probably would have saved more time just getting the vacuum cleaner out of the closet (or even our hand vac).

I’m also not a big fan of emptying the Bissell Perfect Sweep. While I don’t have to do this often (the sweeper does hold quite a bit), it is a bit of a pain having to hold it over the garbage can to empty the compartments.

Maybe I’m being a bit too picky about the types of housework I expected the Perfect Sweep to help me with but, at this point, I have concluded it was a waste of my money. I would rather dig my vacuum cleaner out of the closet than use the Perfect Sweep simply because I know it’ll get the job done right the first time through.

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