Bissell Upright Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell Upright Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner we have ever purchased in our home. We have owned three different vacuum cleaners by three different manufacturing companies, and the Bissell Cleanview has been our most rewarding purchase.

The mean reason why the Bissell Cleanview is such a satisfying product is because it is very powerful for its purchase price. We only paid $125 for the vacuum with a 12 amp motor and 15 inch cleaning path, which was 50 to 60 dollars cheaper than its competitors. But the suction power on it was remarkable, even two years after purchase. Cheaper vacuums tend to lose their ability to suction because the filters get clogged with irremovable dirt and the motors run down. However, we have not had that problem, which we did with our Oreck vacuum that we owned two years ago.

The cleaning system is easy on the Bissell Cleanview because it is bagless and there is no excuse for knowing when it is time to empty the chamber. The “Cleanview” chamber locks and unlocks easily and there is no need to rinse any filters under warm, soapy water like other vacuums. You simply take the chamber out, turn it over, and you are done! The HEPA filters make the Bissell Cleanview an even more efficient vacuum.

Also, the Bissell Cleanview has additional features to ensure you are capturing every bit of dust possible. The Clean Carpet Sensor is shown with a red and green light to let you know that all the dirt has been removed from the area you are vacuuming, instead of just running the vacuum over and over the same area and hoping you got everything. The Bissell Cleanview also has a light on the front so that you can be sure to properly vacuum the dark areas in your house like under the couches and coffee tables.

The only problem I’ve had with the Bissell Cleanview is with the Turbo Brush. The Turbo Brush is powered by the air of the vacuum cleaner and not electricity, so it doesn’t have the same power rating. That meant it didn’t take much for something to get caught in the Turbo Brush and stop it dead in its tracks. I have had to take it apart once or twice for something as simple as a piece of plastic. Just be careful with where you use that accessory.

Other than that, I am very happy with our purchase two years later. The Bissell Cleanview is an affordable vacuum with lots of features that can assist you in keeping a dust-free home.

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