Blisters: Causes and Treatment

What is a Blister?

A blister is a raised area of skin with watery fluid inside that is usually a result of a rubbing to the area, forms quickly. Blisters are different from calluses in that calluses harden over time from repeated pressure to the affected area.

A blister can pop up on your hands or your feet. If you are out gardening and forget to wear protective gloves the constant rubbing from the use of tools can cause a blister on your hands. The same is true if you wear a pair of shoes that are not properly fitted to your foot, the constant friction will cause a blister to form on the affected area.

Preventing Blisters

You can prevent blisters from happening by taking precautionary actions. If your children are riding their bikes or playing on the bars it would be a good idea to have them wear palm protectors. Palm protectors are a protective pad especially made to fit on the palms and can be purchased for under $10.

To keep your feet blister and callous free it would be a good idea when shopping for shoes to do so in the afternoon, the reason being that our feet tend to swell a bit through out the day. If we purchase shoes with this in mind, it can eliminate the friction from happening. But, if we have that favorite pair of shoes that we just have to wear and we all have them, do not wear them regularly and only wear them for short periods of time.

Caring for Blisters

Blisters need to be kept dry and clean, cover with a bandage to prevent further friction to the affected area. Usually a blister will go away on it’s own therefore, time is the key.

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