How to Maintain Your Weight Loss

Back to endless glasses of coke and servings of mayo fries once the weight needle touched the desired weight? Too lazy to get up for exercises now as you have reached your target? Well, you are going to send all your previous weight loss efforts down the drain if you revert back to your unhealthy lifestyle. You need to realize that maintaining weight loss is as challenging as losing it in the first place. It is a constant battle between yourself and the weight machine. You want the needle to stay at a healthy number for all your life. Have a look at our step by step guide if you have been successful in getting the pounds off and do not want to regain them back.


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    Once you achieve a certain weight target, staying on it requires very little effort and lots of determination. You have to make sure that you do not fall back on your previous unhealthy routine. Remember the golden rule, “your diet and your workout should cancel each other.” Eat only when you are hungry and not just because you are bored or depressed.

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    Plan for success:

    Plan your meal for the day in advance. According to researches kind of food is an influential factor towards your feelings of hunger, so try to add some protein rich food in your diet to have a filling effect. Plan Keep the calorie chart and do not revert back on the habit of counting calories in anything you eat and the total calories daily. Balance off these with exercise. Half an hour exercise burns off approximately 200 calories. Keep learning new healthier ways to cook food like preferring baking and grilling over frying in oil.

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    Keep portions in check:

    You can gain weight even by eating healthy food if you eat too much of it.  Once you have achieved a reduced portion size, stick to it. Do not over eat in a single go. Stick to the routine of having small portions of meal in a single go so that it can easily be digested.Many people go back to eating more once they achieve the desired weight.

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    Work to maintain:

    Much that you want to give it up once you achieve a certain weight, exercise is something you can not give up if you want a healthy body all your life. Exercise regularly, for at least half an hour daily. Make exercise sessions fun with friends and music. Dance is an enjoyable form of exercise. Exercise necessarily does not have to be in a gym. Playing your favorite sport like football or tennis can also serve as a great form of workout. Incorporate exercise in to your routine as something which can not be missed.

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    Keep weight in check:

    Get an inexpensive weight machine and do a self weight check every week. This way you will know when the needle moves from the number you desire.  If it moves down, may be you could afford a treat like a chocolate bar. If it moves up, you know its time to get the tread mill running and the calories counting.

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    Find support:

    Support system is important for weight loss maintenance. Research studies shows that attending support groups meetings help keep the weight off. Support groups make you feel enthusiastic and encouraged about the whole process. If you have friends and peers concerned about weight reduction and maintaining it, you will automatically be more motivated to do the same.

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    Variation in exercise:

    Try different exercises instead of sticking to just one. This way you will not get bored of the routine and will look forward to to trying new things. Different exercises will also have effect on different parts of the body instead of just one and so will maintain an overall weight loss.

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