How to Treat a Chemical Burn

Chemical burns are caused when body is exposed to different kinds of chemicals ranging from household chemicals to dangerous chemicals used in industrial manufacturing.

Treatment of these types of burns relies on removing the chemical which cause these burns and then clean in order to enhance healing. Minor burns can be treated at home but some burns require immediate attention of a doctor. If a burn covers a large portion of your body that it is advised to visit a physician as soon as possible.

No matter what kind of burn it is, you should never panic and remain calm at all costs. You should also call for help in urgent basis if necessary.


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    Take measures to stay safe from further burns

    If you are located in a dangerous location after suffering the burn, then straight away move to a secure location before treating it. Remember to not let anyone else close to that location if it’s still dangerous.

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    Remove the chemical substance left on your skin

    You should quickly brush the chemical off your skin if some of it is still left. Remember to be careful in removing it to avoid further damage on you. You need to use gloves in order to protect yourself. Remember to remove it softly and going in one direction.

    If you are removing chemical from the victim then make sure to brush away from you.

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    Flush the skin with cool running water

    Next you need to wash the skin with cold running water. You can do this by using sink in your house or in garden hose if you are outside.

    You should keep flushing your skin until the burning sensation lowers. This can take 15 to 45 minutes depending on the severity of the burn.

    Remember to flush your skin with clean water. If you or the victim uses dirty water, it can cause infections.

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    Remove clothes and/or jewellery if chemical contacted it

    You should then remove your clothes or any jewellery if they had contact with the chemical.

    The affected jewellery or clothes should not be worn until they are properly washed or that harmful substance is removed from the object.

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    Wrap sterilized gauze around the burn or seek urgent care

    Next you should wrap a sterilize gauze bandage around the burn. This will help prevent infections and secure the burn.

    You should evaluate the intensity of the burn. If your skin peels off or blisters are created, then you should quickly see a doctor.

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