Reasons You Should Eat Organic Foods

Organic products have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. With maintaining one’s health becoming an increasing concern, more and more people are beginning to consume healthier foods. This has caused the demand for organic food products to rise significantly. However, are organic products really better for our health, or is it just an attempt to dupe more money out of consumers?

Organic food is classified as ‘organic’ when it isn’t grown or brought into contact with any artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or growth promoters. Animals are generally free ranged and the use of any veterinary drugs on them is restricted. No organic food is genetically modified and there are certain standards which they have to meet.

The advantages of organic produce include:

�Organic Food is More Nutritious

Since organic food is not genetically modified in any way or exposed to any chemicals, it does not lose as many nutrients as other food does. Therefore, this makes organic food a healthier option. Studies have shown that organic food also has a high level of antioxidants and in some cases, high levels of vitamin C. This is due to the natural pesticides and fertilizers that are now used on fields instead of the chemical ones.

�It Tastes Fresher

Apples, in particular, have been found to taste better when they are organically produced. They tend to have a crispier and harder texture than ordinary apples. Other organic foods such as carrots, cucumber and tomatoes have also come out tasting more appealing according to surveys conducted recently.

�Organic Foods are Safer

Organic produce is generally safer than ordinary food because it is not treated with synthetic chemicals, veterinary drugs or pesticides. It is especially true in the case of hay and grass fed cattle. They are unlikely to produce high levels of Escherichia Coli which can very toxic to both humans and animals.

�It is Better for the Environment

Organic produce promotes a healthier environment too as using synthetic chemicals and fertilizers can cause major damage to the environment. There have been a large number of cases of poisoning over the years with non organic fertilizers and pesticides, and so the use of natural products has also helped to cut the health problems of the farmers down.

However, there are also disadvantages to organic produce. Although many pro organic supporters say that organic food is more nutritious, it has not yet been proven. Further, more intensive tests are required before any evidence can be found to support the claim. It is also a lot more expensive than ordinary food. This is because although there is a great demand for more organic produce, it takes a lot more effort to grow it. It also grows at a slower pace because the farmers don’t use chemicals or ordinary fertilizers which aid in the growth process.

Overall there is no scientific proof to back up most of the claims of pro organic supporters. However, many people swear that they feel the benefits of eating only organic foods. As long as people want it, organic produce will be readily available and at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

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