How to Avoid Constipation while Traveling

If you have ever had constipation while you were travelling, you can totally relate to how annoying it can be. You have to suffer cramps, bloating and also don’t enjoy your favourite foods. It is essential to know what causes this. Sometimes when you travel the routine body rhythm changes, you eat different and on odd timings during vacations. Eating habits play a great role in causing this. One is not eating nutritious food, drinking less water and also not getting exercise. These factors together contribute to this problem. Here are some tips to make the next vacation easier for you.


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    The right food choices will make a lot of difference. When you are on vacations; burgers, pizzas deep fried chicken may be very attractive but sometimes chose a salad over them. Many fast food chains have veggie salads in their menu with also a certain portion of protein. These are better options for adding fibre to your diet. Also pack some snacks for yourself before leaving home. Go for fruits or whole grain crackers. This will allow you to balance between the nutritious and junk food. You do not have to cut down on fast food completely but eat fibre too. If you cannot eat fibre rich foods, try taking a fibre supplement to fulfill your daily fibre requirement.

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    Vacation means indulging in drinking for many people. When one is on a holiday, you let yourself lose and drink more than in normal routine. Many of us do not know the fact that alcohol has a dehydrating effect. While drinking more alcohol, we forget to have the daily essential amount of water. There will not be enough water to balance the effect of alcohol. So it is important that you keep yourself hydrated. Make sure to drink water after alcohol consumption to avoid constipation.

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    Exercise has a lot of benefits. We all have heard time and again how important it is , still we take it for granted and keep postponing it.  Vacation may be a time to relax but do not let this compromise your health. You could take a walk instead of hiring a taxi for moving about. May hotels have gyms so use this for 30 min at least. You could also swim; it is fun and fulfills the need of exercise too. This way you bowls will stay in motion which will help in preventing constipation.

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