How to Meditate in Order to Decrease Stress

Meditation is a practice in relaxation that can be very successful in managing stress. While there are many versions and practices of meditation out there, you really need to find the one form of meditation that works for you. In order to decrease stress or manage stress through the use of meditation, try the following techniques.

Try sitting in a dark room. Make sure the room is clean and tidy. Nothing can add more to stress and ruin your meditation than being in the middle of a ‘To Do’ list. Sit quietly in the room and consciously clear your mind of all stressful thoughts. To do this requires visualization. Pretend the stressful idea or thought is tangible. Picture yourself taking the stress and throwing it into the ocean. (Water is known to have calming powers.) Go through your stressful day and remove each stress from your mind. You will have to consciously deny yourself any time to linger over each stress. If you find yourself dwelling on an idea, simply return to your meditation and visualization and try again. Before you know it, your stresses will be removed from your day through meditation.

If visualization does not work for you, try listening to soothing sounds as a means to meditation. Choose stress free music. Nature sounds are a great choice. Concentrate on the sounds and rhythms in the music. If you do so, you’ll find your brain does not have time to focus on any stresses and the stress will melt away into the music.

Yoga is another option for relieving stress that involves meditation. While yoga is thought more to be a form of exercise than a practice of meditation, it does involve strategic breathing methods. Such breathing, paired with conscious thought, can help you rid your mind of any stress every time you exhale.

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