Risks of Wearing Contact Lenses

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), some of the serious hazards of wearing contact lenses include corneal ulcers, eye infections, blindness, pink eye, corneal abrasion, and eye irritation. There are those that think they can clean their contacts in water. That is another dangerous practice. Contacts that are clean in any type of water such as bottled, distilled, or ocean has been associated with corneal infections that are resistant to cure.

Did you know that all contact lenses are not approved by the FDA? Some teenagers obtain contact lenses from non-medical sources which may include flea marketers, the internet, and novelty stores. This is dangerous. Always obtain contact lenses from a certified eye doctor.

Colored contact lenses may look appealing, but according to Dr. Edward Kindrot, ophthalmologist and founder of the Healing the Eye & Wellness Center in Dade City, Florida, just wearing decorative contact lenses for a couple of seconds could cause damage. Without proper fitting by a trained ophthalmologist the color lenses could deprive the cornea of oxygen, because it is may not be fitted to your eye in the correct way, thus causing infection. In addition, obtaining the colored lenses without a prescription is illegal.

Despite the risks of contact lenses, there are still those that prefer contact lenses to glasses. Because wearing contact lenses can cause various problems, it is important to consult with an ophthalmologist. A certified eye doctor will make sure that you know how to put the contact lens in the correct way. You could develop an allergic reaction to the lens-cleaning solution, so it is wise to be under the care of an ophthalmologist. Definitely be sure to wash your hands before putting in your contacts. My ophthalmologist instructed me how to put in contact lenses when I had entertained the thought, but I told him that I changed my mind, because it felt as though I was poking myself in the eye, that was just too difficult for me.

Did you know that according to Health Central.com there is an estimated 30 million contact wearers in the United States? There are those that may have lubricated their contact lenses with the saliva from their mouth. That is a big mistake. Also, soft contact lenses pose a greater risk of ulceration because of the extended wear time.Always remember to store your contact lenses clean, use an enzymatic cleaner once a week to remove residue that may get missed in the daily cleaning of your lenses, and rinses your lens case and let it air dry.

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