What is an RS Medical Stimulator and What Does it Mean for My Pain?

Pulled muscles are very painful but more and more doctors are prescribing RS Medical Stimulation for the pain. What is RS Medical Stimulation? It consists of a machine with wires that attach to pads, which are then placed on your back, leg, or other muscles, to relieve pain. The machine causes muscles to contract and relax, with no effort on your part.

Whereas medications give some relief to pulled or torn muscles, it treats only the symptoms and not the source of the pain. With RS Medical Stimulation, the muscles themselves are put into therapy. Many patients say they receive immediate pain relief upon receiving just one stimulation treatment.

Patients who have had the Medical Stimulation report the relief of pain, relaxation of muscle spasms, fewer muscle spasms between treatments, increases local blood circulation, increases range of motion and, for some, prevents disuse atrophy.

The Stimulator is easy to use and usually given to the patient for home therapy. The physician, or a certified instructor, will show you how to use the Stimualtor. You’ll likely also receive an instructional video and/or instruction manual.

Most patients report some tingling of the skin upon initial usage of the Stimulator. After a couple of treatments many people report that the Stimulator gives the sensation of a massage. Unlike medications that can make you drowsy or irritable, the machine is comfortable and non-invasive.

If your injured muscles are on your back you may be given a vest to wear, which plugs into the machine. If the sore muscles are elsewhere you’ll be given adhesive pads that stick to the skin, in which the electrical wires are then plugged.

Upon receiving the machine you’ll be given a 1-800 number where you can contact a knowledgeable professional, day or night. And, a representative will contact you, shortly after trying the machine, to see that everything is working properly.

If you have had muscle injuries, and your physician has not recommended the RS Medical Stimulator, ask about it. It could be just what you need to feel better.

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