ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patches Provide Continuous Muscle Pain Relief

With aching back pain, ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patches provide up to ten hours of relaxing heat in an effort to relieve muscle ache and related symptoms. Requiring no electrical source, the disposable heating pad relaxes muscles and improves circulation while offering the ability to continuously perform uninterrupted activities.

With ongoing back pain, each night was spent utilizing an electrical heating pad while in bed. Unfortunately, because the heating pad I used was supplied with electrical source it created a health hazard and could not be used longterm while lying in bed. With ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patches, I found the much needed pain relief for my aching back pain while being provided the ability to wear the patch in bed as well as during the day. No electrical source is required!

ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patches are a frequently used product in my home. Because they provide continuous heat to an aching body, the patches seem to improve pain more efficiently than gels and creams. Additionally, the patches are self adhering and can be disposed in regular trash recepticles. I’ve used these patches before working out to relax and help stretch various muscle groups, as well as pain relief following a work out or a minor injury. The ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patches come in a variety of sizes so as to allow for comfort and fit for any area of the body and do not require a doctor’s prescription. Additionally, ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patches can even be used as a pain reliever during menstrual cycles or pre-menstrual syndrome to relieve associated cramping. One other important advantage worthy of noting is the fact that these patches are considered a medical item and can be reimbursed through a medical flexible spending account or written off as a medical expense on your federal tax itemized deductions.

Unfortunately, the heat provided by the ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patche is not adjustable. So, depending on your personal sensitivity to pain, the heat level may be too high or too low to provide the level of relief needed. However, in most patients, the heat is adequately supplied. Another disadvantage associated with the ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patches involves cost associated with the relief. Providing up to ten hours of relief, the patch may require replacement before the ten hour period as the patches can not be re-used. Unlike a standard electrical heating pad, the cost to replace or purchase new disposable pads can be costly if required on a frequent basis.

In summary, ACE Heat Therapy Disposable Patches offer many advantages to the consumer in terms of continuous, uninterrupted pain relief for conditions stemming from back pain to menstrual cramps. With cost as the major disadvantage, the ACE Heat Therapy Patches offer many advantages in terms of decreased health hazard, pre-work out muscle relaxation as well as pain relief without interruption in daily living activities.

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