Handy Uses for Leftover Hair Shampoo

I must confess, I’m a real hair shampoo nut. I love to try all brands and types of different shampoos on my hair. Some shampoo makes my hair shiny and manageable. Unfortunately, others make it oily or dry, straight and limp. I hate to waste money. So, instead of just throwing the shampoo I don’t like away, I found some handy uses for leftover shampoo.

1. Use Leftover Shampoo for Shaving Cream
This is one of the handy uses for leftover hair shampoo that men and women alike can use. A shampoo that lathers up nicely can be used to shave with. If the leftover shampoo has conditioner in it, it will help condition your face, underarms, and legs, and make them feel smooth.

2. Substitute Leftover Hair Shampoo For Woolite�
Most types of leftover shampoo are gentle enough to be used for your sweaters and other delicate washables. You can even use it to wash nylon hose and panties. I use about a capful of shampoo for a washer load of clothes.

Another one of my handy uses for leftover hair shampoo is to use it as a prewash in the laundry room. Dab clothing stains with hair shampoo and allow it to soak a few minutes before washing the clothing. Leftover hair shampoo works best when it’s applied when the stain is still fresh, and not set in. You can also use it remove stubborn “ring-around-the-collar.”

3. Leftover Hair Shampoo Is Makeshift Bubble Bath
Hair shampoo comes in all different scents these days. You can find herbal and fruit scents. And, you can purchase hair shampoos that have the aroma of “Ocean Breezes”, “After the Rain”, “Soothing Lavender”, and more. Most hair shampoos lather like crazy. So, a handy use for leftover hair shampoo is to substitute it for bubble bath.

4. Shampoo Your House With the Stuff!
You can mix a capful of leftover hair shampoo in a bucket of warm water and use it to wash walls and woodwork in your house too. You’ll need to rinse the washed areas with clean tap water afterwards, then allow the walls and woodwork to air dry.

5. Defog Your Goggles With Leftover Hair Shampoo
Does your diving mask fog up whenever you use it? One of the handy uses for leftover hair shampoo is to use it as a defogger. Simply place a couple drops of leftover hair shampoo on the inside of your mask. Rub the shampoo around the entire lens. Then, rinse the hair shampoo off with tap water. Your diving mask won’t fog up anymore!

6. Lather Up Your Vehicle With Leftover Hair Shampoo
Another of the handy uses for leftover hair shampoo is to wash your car, truck, SUV, van, or motorcycle with it. Mix a half cup of hair shampoo into a bucket of warm water. Use a sponge or soft, clean rag to wash your vehicle with the sudsy mixture. Then use a garden hose to rinse the hair shampoo mixture off completely. Dry your vehicle off with a chamois and buff the surface to a shine.

Also, a dab of hair shampoo mixed with baking soda will clean chrome bumpers, wheels, and stripping. Rinse the chrome thoroughly with tap water, then buff it dry.

7. Hair Shampoo Substitutes for Liquid Soap
Anytime you have leftover hair shampoo and you don’t know what to do with it, simply pour it into your liquid soap dispensers. It will clean your hands as good as liquid soap does.

8. Clean Out Hair Brushes and Combs
Hair shampoo is designed to clean hair. So, what better cleanser to use when you need to clean up your hair combs, brushes, et cetera? One of the handy uses for leftover hair shampoo is to put a bit of it in a sinkful of hot tap water. Swish the combs and brushes into the water, then let them soak for several minutes. Then, scrub them with a soft brush and rinse them clean.

9. Leftover Hair Shampoo Cleans Paint Brushes
When you’re washing used paint brushes, put a dab of hair shampoo on your fingers. Then, rub your fingers all over the bristles of a paint brush. The hair shampoo will dissolve the paint. Rinse the bristles clean and wipe dry.

10. Use Leftover Shampoo in the Bathroom
Another of the handy uses for leftover hair shampoo is to use it to clean your bathtub and sink. Pour a dab of it on a soft scrubber and watch the grime vanish before your eyes. Rinse the bathtub and sink off thoroughly with tap water.

It got its name from the Indian word “shampoon.” “Shampoon” means to “massage.”

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