Chasers; Eliminating Hangover – Healthy for Women?

In a society which seeks equality for men and women, there are biological imbalances which can never be equalized. Of these, alcohol consumption is an equality sociological factor as significant value is placed in the ability of a women to socialize to the same extent as men. Unfortunately, studies have shown women have a lower tolerance for alcohol than men. Even with the introduction of natural alcohol -supported supplements, such as “Chasers”, the alcohol implications for women have gone unchanged. But why? Here are some important female related alcohol facts which can not be altered regardless of the Chasers, or other natural supplements, used:

When drinking alcohol, dehydration is a key impact to the outcome of alcohol consumption in women. For women, a liter of water in between every alcoholic drink is recommended.

Alcohol is a testosterone stimulant. Because women do not carry testosterone as a dominant hormone, it is difficult for the female body to control the impact of testosterone. When consuming alcohol, therefore, most women react to the testosterone by exhibiting uninhibited behaviors.

Heart Disease:
Alcohol increases the risk of heart disease in women. Additionally, alcohol impacts the risk for liver disease and ulcers.

Chronic or Binge Drinking:
Alcohol, in women, in longterm or frequent binge drinking, can result in anemia, hypertension and malnutrition. A recent study even found an increase in the risk for breast cancer and diabetes with prolonged alcohol use in women.

Cirrhosis of the Liver:
Women die at a greater rate than men when inflicted with cirrhosis of the liver.

Menstrual Disorders:
Heavy, chronic drinking is associated with common menstrual disorders and leads to fetal alcohol syndrome.

Brain Size:
In the Hommer Study, brain scans of female alcohol drinkers exhibited smaller size than females who did not consume alcohol. With evidence of up to 11% smaller volume. Signs of mental deficits were common in ages as early as 40 and female alcohol consumption is linked to dementia. Generally, loss of spatial reasoning and comprehending complex thoughts was impaired.

Bone Loss:
Alcohol consumption is linked to an increased rate of calcium loss thereby increasing the risk for osteoporosis. Chronic alcohol consumption disturbs the Vitamin D metabolism.

With these facts alone, women should continue to avoid alcohol. Utilizing Chasers will not prevent a hangover and will not decrease any of the risk factors women face.

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