Blitz: The League

This is not Madden! This game is a down and dirty world of Football where you have to decide wither to sit your player out or “juice” him up with a weird substance that make him faster and stronger. The types of things that you can do in this game would never happen in a NFL licensed game. For example, you’ve beaten the other team. So why not celebrate by sending the losers a batch of hookers so that they will be to tired to play the next game.

This game adds the grit that many people had been looking for. It’s a more edgy and violent Football game.
From the in game substances that you can buy your players to “juice” their abilities, to the player profiles which include ex-con. Blitz: The League is a good concept. And now that EA has the exclusive license to the NFL this is one of the best ways to compete.

The game itself is based on the old school game Blitz. The only major difference in this version is the new “Clash Mode.”
This mode simulated a playing being in that mega zone where they are unstoppable. Think if it as the Matrix of Football. Everything slows down while your moving at top speed and it makes the game play way to easy. The more moves and combos you pull off while in Clash you’ll able to unlock special Unleash moves. Once you unlock these moves it opens up an array of even more violent game play that will all you to have defenders spin kicking quarterbacks and much more.. One of the call features is the X-ray that pops up when one of your players breaks someone’s bones. You can see and feel the pain.

Midway hired one of the writers from the popular show “Playmakers” to write the story mode for Blitz. In the Campaign mode you get a series of cut screens that push along the story. Your a pissed of team owner who starts over while at the same time striking a deal with the mayor in a plot to exploit fans and taxpayers alike for millions of dollars in a bond issue for a new stadium. Sounds like they lifted some of this story right out of the New York headlines. But regardless they story mode doesn’t offer to much new except for a few cut screens to progress they story and you really end up not caring about it.

Overall Blitz: The League is all about smoke and mirrors. The game uses profanity, sexy cheerleaders shaking their booties, and broken bones to create a cool factor distract you from the unintelligent AI playing that will run the same play over and over.
This game it a little to easy to play and will offer no challenge to those use to playing Madden. But if your a Madden hater and want something different then this just might be your cup of tea. Or you can wait until Mario Football comes out and play that.

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