Bluetooth Headset

The creative computer accessory company which has been putting outstanding products on the market for years, known as Logitech, has recently began to expand their product lines to offer Bluetooth functionality. Known mainly for their trackball mice, keyboards, and gaming controllers, their new goal is to keep their customers work and play safer and easier.

The Logitech mobile Bluetooth headset, priced around $99.95 is one of these new releases. The idea is to provide a hands-free cellular experience without sacrificing clarity. The headset provides a fairly clean audio connection for you to listen or talk, A multifunction button controls several important basics and a flexible ear clip adjuster allows the device to sit comfortably on most ears.


  • One of the best features of this device is the multifunction button that controls the power, answers and ends calls, and synchronizes the headset with the phone.
  • The headset automatically sets itself to standby to preserve the battery, when not in use.
  • Volume is controlled with a “+” and “-” button.
  • Logitech claims the battery life to be 7 hours on each charge of the rechargeable battery.
  • The current status of the phone can be checked by a multi-colored LED light, which flashes at different intervals and speeds for different indications.
  • The design is compact and easy to carry, but is larger than other manufacturers comparable products.
  • The fold-able microphone can be adjusted for each person’s comfort.
  • The Design makes it possible to fit either ear.


  • Turn headset and phone’s discovery mode on.
  • The two devices talk and are ready for use on a few minutes.
  • A ring is heard in the ear piece when a call is received.
  • Pressing the multifunction button connects the call (button is small, making this difficult at times).

The voice quality on the other end was good with a few instances of a buzzing and/or echo sound. This could possible have been normal cellular usage, and not necessarily the headset. On the owner’s end the quality of the sound was strong. There was some occasional crackling, but was fairly clear the majority of the time. The touted background noise cancellation feature did as advertised. The advertised distance from phone to headset fell a little short, getting choppy at around 15-20 feet.

Overall, the Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset has relatively few drawbacks. The price is low compared to others currently on the market and despite a few rare sound glitches, the features are great. Considerations for future headsets are a better placed multifunction button and longer talk time. This is a definite must-have for anyone wanting to setup with quality wireless accessories.

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