Pixel Site Answers Critics of Million Dollar Homepage Spin-offs

The newest pixel sensation MillionDollarJerks.com is highlighting the plight of the spin-offs. In less than one week, the site has already succeeded in making its point about the future of pixel advertising.

“We have been following the growth of Million Dollar Homepage spin-off sites for a while now, and it often occurred to us that they were actually much more interesting than Alex Tew’s idea,” said Owen DuprÃ?©s – spokesperson for MillionDollarJerks.com. “People have taken his concept, and added their own ‘twists’ to it. There are some really different sites out there, but people just don’t know they exist.”

MillionDollarJerks.com is showcasing some of the most unique copycat sites, and already over 200,000 pixels have been reserved for other pixel webmasters from around the globe. “I am only too pleased to let the world see that there is more to pixels than just copying Mr. Tew’s idea, and just sitting back,” said DuprÃ?©s.
The collection of pixel progenies can be viewed at www.milliondollarjerks.com

For information: http://www.milliondollarjerks.com or
Contact: info@milliondollarjerks.com

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