Wi-Fi: Wireless Internet in the Dentist’s Office

Wireless internet connections are cropping up in cities everywhere. One immediately thinks of a coffee shop with lots of caffeine-ingesting business people surfing the internet unencumbered by wires and cords.

Imagine this same scene in the Dentist’s office. No longer does a patient need to pass the time leafing through outdated magazines or staring at the aquarium. Teenagers and Seniors, alike, can take their seat in the waiting room and check their email or enjoy their favorite websites. Business people who may otherwise find it difficult to make time in their busy schedules can now get much of their work done while waiting for their turn in the Dentist’s chair.

Wireless internet is simple enough to acquire. It’s much like having broadband installed in your home. There are a number of companies who can equip the office with everything needed for wireless access. Most serve up to thirty-two people at a time. The service is free to the patient while costing surprisingly little for the business owner due to the stiff competition among Broadband providers.

Wireless internet is not a money-making venture. Many coffee shops were disappointed when trying to make money by charging a fee to subscribers only to find that they were not selling more coffee. Subscribers would pay their fee and then nurse a cup of coffee all day. There were no profits there for the coffee shops.

However, anything that brings the patient to the office is going to mean more money for the Dentist. Having wireless internet will remove the reasons or excuses that many patients have for neglecting their oral care.

So much business is done through the internet and, for many, just as much work can be done from the waiting room chair as the desk chair. Teens can work on school papers, doing research, while waiting to have their check-up. Parents can surf the web while waiting for junior to be done with his cleaning.

It’s also an excellent way to get those who might be a little nervous about sitting in the dentist’s chair to relax. Time goes quickly for internet surfers and the information fills the mind, leaving little time for worrying. As most patients will confess, the worrying during the wait is the worst part. By the time the patient gets to the examining room, they’re anxious because they’ve had time to imagine the worst. When allowed to hook up to the web, they can find something of real interest to them and relax a bit. The wait seems much shorter because their minds are otherwise occupied. In fact, they may not be quite ready when called.

Finding a provider is simple. Doing a search on wireless providers online, one can find lists of them detailing the things they provide and the cost for those provisions. Doing research pays off as the competition grows. There are deals to be found.

Wireless Internet is well worth the investment to provide patients with that extra bit of service that subtracts from their anxiety and adds to their comfort.

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