OneVideo Makes Content Sharing Easy for iPod and YouTube

Babya today announced the innovative OneVideo video software package-featuring iPod videos export and video downloading, made easy by Babya.

OneVideo features QuickTime authoring, and iPod export plus YouTube video downloading in the one package.

OneVideo includes Babya QuickTime Studio, which is a powerful application which uses QuickTime 7’s COM Control to display and manipulate movies, using a familiar Apple QuickTime movie controller.

Babya QuickTime Studio has the following capabilities:
Standard QuickTime 7 features available in Babya QuickTime Studio are:
– Movie playback with a movie controller container
– Open, Open from URL, Close
– Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo
– Display movie info. such as duration, track types, track formats, etc.

QuickTime 7 Pro features you can use in Babya QuickTime Studio are:
-Full Screen mode
– Export, Export with dialog
– Quicktime Event handling
– Fullscreen playback

Once you have a movie opened you can perform any of the various operations on the movie using the File and Export menus such as export to iPod , fullscreen etc.

Some of the operations utilize features or technologies that are usually found only in the QuickTime 7 Pro edition-like full-screen.

Also included, Babya Video Downloader lets you download & search YouTube videos-perfect for backing up your submitted videos.

Babya’s A.A. Fussy said,”OneVideo is your complete iPod and web video package-all you need to convert, create and download original content.”

Alvin Novick noted, “It’s easy to create, share and show off anything in videos you create with OneVideo.”

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