I Invented Podblogging!

I invented podblogging. To put it more accurately, I invented the term podblogging even before podcasts were the “in” thing. Maybe I was a visionary or some sort, but I thought that one day podcasts and blogs would be possible under a single URL. I lay claim to inventing the word “podblogging” despite the fact that two other people claim to have invented the term.

I googled “Who invented the word podblogging” and I was disappointed that it seemed I was NOTt one of them. But I am staking my claim here and now to inventing that word because these two people who claim that they invented that word, have no evidence at all that they did so. I do. When I thought of the word podblogging, I immediately purchased the domain name podblogging.com. They didn’t.

Of course, they can say that they couldn’t afford buying the domain name of some word they invented, but I do notthink seven dollars is a great investment if one really “thought” about the word first.Also, that domain was parked at sedo for more than a year until “podblogging” suddenly became somehat a pop-technological word.

Thus, I still say I invented podblogging, not that the claim would suddenly give me a million or even a thousand for that matter. My only point is that, fair should be fair – and even if it’s just a “small town” woman who invented a now pop-technological term, there should be some credit where it is due.

Thus, I write here at Associated Content to tell everyone that I thought of the word first. Of course, it may sound childish, but now that podblogging is IN, I guess its a way of making people know. Aside from my claim to the word “podblogging”, I have recently decided to use my own domain name in my own podblogging.com website.

In fact, I even decided to share my domain name and website subdirectories with others. Thus, I offer podcasters and bloggers a free subdomain and hosting when they join me in podblogging.com .

Why? because I invented podblogging and yes, I want the whole world to know and maybe some enterprising investigative reporter can check the facts and prove me either wrong or right. Any takers?

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