Shutterfly: A Great Place to Print Digital Pictures

So you got that great new digital camera for Christmas and now you are trying to turn all those megapixels into prints that you can mail to Grandma. We faced the same question last year when we got our camera.

Our friend John turned us on to . He was adamant that we just had to use them, as far as he was concerned there was no other place to go.

John is an avid amateur photographer and technophile. He is also famous for squeezing a nickel so hard that Thomas Jefferson offered him the Louisiana Purchase. So we thought we’ed humor him and give a try.

Well, we found out what had John so excited. allows us to upload our pictures to their server. We can store them there as long as we want, as many as we want A great way to back up our “treasured memories”.

We can also grant access to our stored pictures to friends and relatives so they can download them or order prints themselves.

They have editing and cropping software to fine tune our pictures and get rid of red eye. Pricing is super competitive and service is top notch. Check them out and see why John got so excited. You may find cheaper but I don’t think you’ll find better.

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