How to Protect Your Laptop from Thieves?

Laptops are definitely something that thieves love to target these days. Especially since most people tend to take them everywhere they go. To the park, to the coffee house, and to work. But exactly how can you make sure that your laptop and all of the information contained in your laptop is not stolen. Well there are some obvious suggestions like don’t let it out of your site. But did you know that one of the most popular places where laptops are stolen from is the work place?

This is usually because so many of us are comfortable in our work environment enough to leave out stuff lying around. Probably because you think someone would notice if another person was walking off with your laptop. The only thing that people in an office environment actually lock up is their wallet, or purse. But the information that many people tend to keep on their laptops is really just as valuable as your wallet and purse. Just think about it for a minute. The majority of people with laptops tend to put their entire lives on this little computer. You use it to pay all of your bills, send personal information to others, your daily agenda, other people address and phone number. They key is to take the extra time needed to protect your asset. When you are at work you need to make sure that when you leave you desk you either take your laptop with you, or lock it up so that no one else can get access too it. Even if no one steals it they may just try downloading some of your personal information while you are out to lunch or in a meeting.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you always password protect your computer. The sad thing about this is that too many people tend to pick obvious passwords like a family members name or nickname or something that anyone who knows anything about you can figure out. If you have a bad memory and feel that it is something that you may not be able to remember then you need to figure out a way to write your password in some type of code or riddle that only you know the answer too. Try using your imagination and picking something that only you will know. The odder your password is the better. They also now have computer programs that will allow you to set up a type of alarm system for your computer. This way as soon as someone touches the keyboard they will have ten seconds to enter the code before the alarm goes off. This is definitely a good idea because they will not have enough time to try and crack the code and you will know that someone touched it without your permission. You can find these types of programs at any computer hardware store, and they are very simple to install. They can however be a little on the pricy side, but in the long run it would be well worth the investment. One additional thing that you do not want to do is leave your computer unattended even if it is just for a second. This goes for when you are at a coffee house or even the library. Even if you have taken the time to install some type of security program on it you should still make sure that if you are in a public environment it is on your person. These are just a few suggestions that will help when it comes to protecting your laptop.

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