Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy an Irock

The digital world is booming, it’s all about the best and most compact products. Fashion is usually a small part of what goes into the designing of the small gadgets that will be sold to the techno world. But which items are worth spending a lot of money on? There is nothing worse than buying a product under the misconception that it is something worth your time and money only to find that couldn’t be further from the truth.

10 Reasons you Should Not Buy irock: Overview

Ipods and mp3 players are all the rage, and not just with teens either. Everywhere you go you can see one of these mini music players in the hands of at least 6 out of 10 people. So, is the productivity getting better with time or is it slacking off?

There have been many people commenting about the irock. This little hand held machine came out in 2005. As the competitor of ipod many began buying up this cheap imitation. By cheap I do mean “cheap”. At nearly half the cost of an ipod most people found themselves willing to go out on a limb and buy the new product.

There’s only a few things wrong with it howeverâÂ?¦Aside from its little rubber and boxy appearance, it is as plain and basic as you could possibly get. Usually when people buy these expensive little gadgets they do so hoping to get the most functions for their dollars. In this case, they defiantly got their money’s worth. This is a classic example of cheaper is not always better.

10 Reasons you Should Not Buy irock: Basic Features

iRock 930 MP3ez (128MB)
� 1 oz
� 128 MB
� Digital player
� Stereo
� MP3
� AAA type Rechargeable Standard battery

10 Reasons you Should Not Buy irock: Magazine/News Reviews

Gizmag.org quoted this from cnet: “Just because Apple can get away with offering a flash player without an LCD doesn’t mean others can, especially when a device is as unattractive as the iRock 930 MP3ez. Five large, dull silver control buttons sit in the middle of a boxy, rubberized blue case. At 2.2 by 2.35 by 0.65 inches and 1 ounce, the iRock 930 is not particularly cumbersome, but it’s not nearly as svelte as other basic flash players. The top of the unit sports the headphone and USB jacks, while the left side houses an expansion slot for SD or MMC cards.”

“The bad: Supports MP3 files only; only 128MB of built-in memory; no LCD; subpar battery life; slow USB 1.1 transfer speed; no shuffle or extended play modes. The bottom line: The cheap and easy iRock 930 MP3ez might be a good starter MP3 player for a child, but if you’re even slightly serious about digital audio, avoid this device.” –cnet.com (This product made #3 on their worst list)

“Supports MP3 files only; only 128MB of built-in memory; no LCD; subpar battery life; slow USB 1.1 transfer speed; no shuffle or extended play modes.”-abc news

10 Reasons you Should Not Buy irock: Customer Reviews

“At first it sounds great until you notice a little glitch in the music every six or seven seconds. It starts to drive you nuts by the end of the song. Sometimes part of a song you erased will pop into the middle of one you are listening to. Too bad, I really liked it at first.”

“I bought two of these and they sound very poor and they fell apart on me after a week of use. STAY AWAY FROM IROCK!!!!”

10 Reasons you Should Not Buy irock: Top 10 List

1. Poor sound quality
2. Limited memory space
3. More bulky and not as “fashionable”
4. Requires extensions to add memory
5. Poor software
6. Doesn’t “shuffle” your music
7. Slow transfer speed
8. Easily fall apart
9. Only supports mp3 files
10. No extended play modes

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