Cell Phones with Bluetooth Technology

Even with cell phones you still, at some time, need the wires to use them for things such as data transfer and headsets. Many new cell phones have the Bluetooth technology which enables you to cut the cord altogether as with Bluetooth on a cell phone you can talk on a wireless headset, transfer data without cords to a handheld or connect with a Bluetooth enabled car which allows easy no wire talking. Not all cell phones have Bluetooth but here is a full review of a few which feature the technology.

1. The Samsung MM-A900 – This Samsung cell phone has a nice attractive design and is equipped with many features. Some of the features include Sprint’s 3G EV_DO network, a 1.3 mega pixel camera, a MP3 player, Bluetooth, and a speakerphone. Some of the controls can be tricky. It has a low integrated memory. Sometimes the prices of the songs available for downloading can be expensive. Overall though the Samsung MM-A900 is a solid cell phone and a nice alternative to the popular Motorola phone.

2. Cingular LG CU320 – The Cingular model boasts an attractive design, a solid feature which includes 3G support, Bluetooth, and a speakerphone and mega pixel camera. The Quality of the calls and the data performance are solid as well. The Cingular model’s navigational buttons are very small and the picture is not the best quality. With the Cingular model you can not select the data network you would like. But despite these shortcomings the Cingular model is their strongest 3G cell phone on the market.

3. Sony Ericsson Z520a – The Sony Ericsson model is an attractive flip phone and it boasts an overall solid performance with such features as Bluetooth, speakerphone, global phone support, and an infared port. The navigational controls are small and the camera does not put out the best quality pictures as well as not having a flash. But the Sony Ericsson is a phone that has many features and the bottom line is it performs very well.

4. Motorola Pebl – Motorola’s phone offers a sleek black design with features such as Bluetooth, a speakerphone, global phone support, and a call quality that is excellent. The camera is a low resolution one and also has somewhat dicey controls which are sometimes smudgy. The Motorola is one of the more attractive phones on the market and offers performance that is second to none with many attractive features.

5. Samsung SCH – A950 – This Samsung model is compact and attractive. It has a 1.3 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, a jog dial on the front of the model for playback of music, and a slot for TransFlash expansion. The Samsung model also has fast EV-DO performance with access to V Cast videos and Verizon’s own music store. The keys are somewhat small and the Bluetooth has restrictions for wireless handsets. For music playback on the Samsung model you have to convert the format from MP3 to WMA. Overall the Samsung model is a solid phone with nice features and a compact and attractive design.

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