My Lexmark Z611 Printer

I have always found Lexmark printers to be cost effective, efficient, and reliable. My Z611 model is no different. Even though it comes with a warranty, I have never had any problems. I purchased my Lexmark printer since I was in the market for a new printer. Lexmark printers came recommended to me by a friend who had used them for years. I am recommending my Lexmark Z611 printer to others for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the cost is a definite benefit. It is hard to believe that one can purchase a new printer for so cheap. My Lexmark Z6ll printer costs less than two new printer cartridges. In fact, when one sale, I have seen Lexmark printers priced about the same as one printer cartridge.

My Lexmark Z6ll printer offers both color and black printing. It uses two cartridges, one of each. I have used it with just the black in it. And, I have used it with just the color in it. Each way, it works well. I have received fantastically clear output with this printer. I have saved alot of money by printing my own business cards, photographs, and other literature. The results are phenomenal considering the low cost of my Lexmark Z611 printer.

When I purchased my Lexmark Z6ll printer, it came with a color cartridge in it. That was a definite benefit. It also came with a power cord. There was an added bonus of the Photo Explosion Special Edition 2 CD included with the purchase. This is claimed to be a $30 bonus.

The packaging of my Lexmark Z6ll is very colorful and easy to read. The box size is easy to handle, as well. I consider these features an added benefit.

My Lexmark Z611 is lightweight. In fact, it is surprising how lightweight it is. I can move it around with one hand, if need be.

The size of my Lexmark Z611 is just right. It is about 15″ by 8″ in diameter. It does not take up that much desktop space.

As far as printing goes, it can print up to 14 pages per minute in black. For color, my Lexmark Z611 can print up to 8 pages per minute. That is pretty good. That is much improved over the older Lexmark printer models.

My Lexmark Z611 printer has an adjustable paper size holder for the inputted sheets. It also has an extendable paper holder for the output. That is convenient, I find.

There is a simple set-up for my Lexmark Z6ll. Of course, the set-up CD software was included with the printer. It is very easy to set-up this printer. There is even an installation or set-up sheet included. This shows in very easy to understand pictures and words what to do to get things set up. Anyone could follow these directions. I like that.
Their technical writing department deserves an award for this, in my opinion.

There are two drawbacks I can think of about my Lexmark Z611 printer. One is it is much slower than a laser printer. The other is it uses cartridges that are expensive.

All in all, my Lexmark Z611 printer has provided me with many pages of high quality and professional looking printing. It has been very reliable, efficient, and a pleasure to have around.

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