Boating Gear: Thermos’ Grill2go

Grilling while camping can be both extremely messy and inconvenient. However, it doesn’t have to be, especially with Thermos’ Grill2go by Char-boil. This propane grill is literally revolutionizing the food served during camping, tailgating, picnic-ing, and so on. So if you’re all about good food, fun, and convenience, then this is the grill for you.

First and foremost, Char-broil is one of the best cooking products brands around. You may be surprised to hear that they’ve been around since 1844, but it’s true, and they’re still going strong by making some of the best outdoor electric and gas grills.

Thermos’ Grill2go is easily one of Char-broil’s best products. What you’ll notice right off the bat is that it’s extremely portable, making it the top choice for camping. The 46-inch tall wheeled legs of the grill are completely removable, allowing for both easy storage and table top grilling. Secondly, the grill has tons of…well..grilling space, 308 square inches of non-sticking Teflon space to be exact; 40 percent griddle, 60 percent grate. Additionally, it also has two stainless steel burners, which allow for even more grilling to be done. Safety and heating control is also enhanced with the Rotary ignition system, which allows for the grill to be lit without any issues.

This grill is also perfect for camping when food preparation needs to be done fast. On the top lift of the grill is a detachable light that makes grilling in the dark easy.

Convenience comes into play with the many compartments the grill has. It has two stick-out table ends and side shelves, creating a place for paper towels, plates, and other cooking utensils to be held or hung. The grill is not very heavy either, weighing in at only about 40 pounds with the legs. Remember to buy a propane tank for Thermos’ Grill2go, as it is sold separately.

Thermos’ Grill2go is extremely affordable, with prices ranging from $149 at, to $185 at, to $200 from Also shop offline at local camping equipment stores.

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